Gardening TikTok hacks: Expert reveals whether popular TikTok gardening advice is true

Gardening hacks: Expert reveals how you can use vinegar

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Gardening is overwhelming to a beginner and you might fall into the trap of blindly following any online advice on the subject. However, you shouldn’t believe everything you read! chatted to Kate Turner, Gardening Guru at Miracle-Gro, to find out whether four popular gardening TikToks are true or false.

How to water your plants video (@gardentribe on TikTok)

The first video shows a woman watering her plants – revealing the “right” and “wrong” way to water plants.

She says: “There is such a thing as watering the wrong way, you want to water around the plant and not overhead.”

According to Kate, this advice is absolutely true!

She explained: “You should never water your plants from the top, so this advice is spot on. By wetting foliage, you encourage fungal disease, and the water evaporates more quickly.

“I would always recommend watering in the morning rather than in the evening.”


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Tomatoes video (@alana_bookhout on TikTok)

“Here’s my tomato hack. You crack an egg open a little bit and just put it down in the soil.

“Then I put a little dirt on top and the tomato plant right on top of where the egg is.”

While you might be tempted to try this hack out to achieve an impressive tomato harvest… please, don’t!

Kate said: “Cracking an egg and putting it in a planting hole isn’t necessary; it can even potentially attract rodents and maybe give out a bad smell too!

“To help your tomatoes grow, it’s much better to apply an organic liquid fertiliser such as Miracle-Gro Performance Organics All-Purpose Plant Food and switch to Levington Tomorite Concentrated Tomato food once fruits start to appear. You also need to make sure you water your plants regularly!

“People often mistakenly add eggshells when planting tomatoes thinking that it will provide a good source of calcium, which can help blossom end rot.

“However, by the time the calcium has broken down into the soil, the plant will have finished being productive.”


The RIGHT ✅ and WRONG ❌ way to water your garden! Did you know this? #learnontiktok #tiktokpartner #growfood #gardentips #organicgardening #fyp #grow

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In terms of the advice given about how deep you should plant your tomatoes in the video, Kate isn’t convinced.

She said: “You can bury them deep into the soil as they will produce more roots from the stems – it also helps to keep them sturdy.

“However, this is normally done with leggy seedlings and I generally wouldn’t recommend planting them right up to the leaves.

“It is also a good idea to take off the lower leaves once the plant has grown a bit more, as often these leaves can get fungal diseases, mainly due to water splash.

“I also wouldn’t recommend mulching with straw as fungal spores can lay dormant there and slugs and snails can hide in it. I would recommend mulching with compost after watering your plants.”

Fan and seedlings video (@epicgardening on TikTok)

“You see how these seedlings are wiggling in the wind? Well, that’s because I’ve set up a fan to actually blow air on them to strengthen the stems and grow nice and sturdy seedlings.

“This is one of the things I see beginner gardeners mess up the most when starting their seedlings indoors, you have to replicate mother nature!”

The TikToker isn’t wrong, this hack does make sense but it isn’t perfect.

Kate said: “This is a sound theory as it will help strengthen the stems and foliage ready to be planted outdoors but it tends to be difficult to achieve for most home growers.

“Instead of using a fan, I suggest gently stroking the seedlings with your hand a few times a day to replicate a breeze.

“If there’s a slight breeze outside and the weather is warm enough, you could put your seedlings near an open window remembering to close it as soon as the temperature drops.”


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Garlic video (@theplanthomie)

“Next time you’re cooking with garlic, save one of these bulbs, or if you have some old garlic that’s starting to sprout use these too.

“Take your bulb, make sure that the top part with the little stem is up, dig a small hole about two inches deep, drop your bulb in there and cover it up.

“Water daily to keep the dirt wet, once the bulbs turn yellow or brown or start to wilt like that, that’s when you know it’s good and you can pull it out. You should have a full head of garlic.”


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This is an exciting theory for garlic lovers, but unfortunately, it’s not 100 percent foolproof.

Kate said: “I would not recommend using shop-bought garlic to propagate as you will not know the variety.

“It’s important to know the garlic variety as, generally, shop-bought ones are for cooking only and will have grown in warm weather and therefore needing the same weather to grow new seedlings.

“You should buy garlic plants from UK nurseries or garden centres as they will be specially bred to cope with our cooler temperatures, and they’ll also be more disease resistant.

“I also wouldn’t recommend watering the soil every day with garlic as this will encourage the clove to rot.

“You will also absolutely not get a full head of garlic after three weeks – it usually takes a minimum of 24 weeks to mature.”

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