Gardening tips: This Morning celebrity gardener David Domoney – how to garden in the cold

But hang on, this is the perfect chance to catch up on the things we wanted to do outdoors but the blazing heat put off. Either because we were too busy sunbathing or it was way too hot to do. The seasons seem to have swapped over – it’s been summer in spring and, now, spring in summer. This cooler snap has been perfect for me and the children to get out into the garden and greenhouse to pot up plants in tubs, hanging baskets and window boxes. Planting in cooler weather is not only more comfortable for us – but for the plants as well. They won’t need such constant watering or attention.

Seeing my two daughters, Alice, five, and Abigail, four, getting their hands in the compost, placing their little plants in pots, and watching them water them in, has been a pure joy.

We will be watching the plants grow and flower together as the girls look with pride at what they achieved (it’s so much better than children being glued to the iPad).

Our youngest, Lance, one, has been giving his own unique support by eating our delicious home-grown strawberries. All in all, there’s no doubt gardening with youngsters is wonderfully rewarding.

Whether you’re a parent or grandparent, there’s nothing better than passing on a love of nature, growing and the great outdoors.

Another great gardening activity during cooler weather is supporting the wildlife which plays such an important part in the ecosystem outside our back doors.

The timing is great as this week is #gardenwildlifeweek – you can use that hashtag to find out what’s going on locally and share your own stories of the marvellous creatures that visit your gardens.

We have collected open pine cones on our woodland walks and gluing them together to hang from trees as ladybird habitats.

Plus, we’ve been creating more feeding stations for our birds who need food and water in summer just as much as in cooler months.

We have also been revamping the patio which has taken some serious usage during the sunny spring – a long-needed jet wash and the heavily used BBQ also had a makeover.

Tomorrow I’m filming for another episode of ITV’s Grow Your Own show which goes out on Monday evenings at 8.30pm.

It’s now the most popular gardening show on British television. Take time during the cooler weather to prepare your garden for summer.

It looks like we’ll all be enjoying a staycation this year, so it’s well worth putting in the effort now so you can reap the rewards later. 

David Domoney is a leading horticulturist and a presenter on ITV’s Love Your Garden. You can follow David in his own garden on Instagram @daviddomoney or YouTube – David Domoney.

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