Get crafty with the corners

15 ways to enliven your home’s drab and boring spots

Corners often tend to be the most neglected spaces in any room. Be it the living room, the bedroom or dining area, there’s sure to be a spot that’s so dull that you can’t bear to look at it.

More often than not, you push in a small table or a pile of shelves that tend to become clutter magnets over weeks and months.

We give you 15 simple ways to liven up dead corners – and they’re as easy as your ABC.

Place a potted plant

The best way to liven up a dead corner is to bring in a tall indoor plant. Forget the ceramic planters; metal is where it’s at this season.

Get a green corner

A selection of potted plants of varying heights, colours and textures is perfect for the slightly larger corners.

Pull in a small table

A small table designed like a vignette — think books, a plant, an artefact and a candle — will never let you think that there was ever an empty corner.

Get a ladder

Bring in a ladder, be it wooden or metal, and use it to spice up the corner. You can add tapestries, interesting throws or lights.

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Try a ladder shelf

A ladder shelf works in the same way, except that it gives you more surface area to put in colour and accents.

String up a chair

A hanging chair — our humble cane jhoola — can transform the way any corner looks. You get a new look and some additional seating.

Display art on an easel

Easels are available easily these days. We suggest you get one and display a favourite frame, be it a painting or a poster.

Opt for a floor lamp

Empty corners also seem to be the perfect place to put a floor lamp. This sculptural element creates shadows and adds to the visual appeal.

Screen the area

If you want to create an aura of mystery, may we suggest a screen? They may have gone out of fashion, but continue to retain their charm.

Order a built-in

A bespoke shelf to put away the many books and collectibles your family seems to gather over the month is another idea to explore.

Make way for a high-back

Or else, we suggest you try placing a solitary high-back chair in the corner. Over time, it will become a favourite me-time spot.

Create a reading nook

If you have a slightly larger corner, it could be just ideal to plonk a comfy chair, a lamp and a plant. Paint it a dark hue for maximum impact.

Smuggle in a petite desk

No space to place that desk? Why not place it in the corner so you get a small work area and enhance the appeal of your corner.

Tack up a message board

A made-to-order memo board can completely revitalise any corner. Soon, it will be the most frequented spot as the entire family will use it to post messages and photos.

Design a vignette

Use your corner to create a vignette that changes with the seasons. Pretty, and oh so appealing.

Corners are more than dead zones; set up right they can be side actors that complement the main actors of your room: be it an accent wall, a striking tapestry, or a classic carpet. Make sure you work them well in all rooms to see the difference. After all, when your room is beautiful, why should the corners bring them down?

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