Get the Organized Home of Your Dreams with These Home Edit-Approved Containers

Ever since binge-watching Get Organized with The Home Edit on Netflix, all we can think about is reorganizing every space in our homes. In each episode, the co-founders of home organization company The Home Edit, Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, go into celebrities’ houses and transform their closets, pantries, refrigerators, and bedrooms into orderly havens. But you don’t have to be famous to get an Instagram-worthy home makeover. The masterminds behind The Home Edit created an exclusive line with The Container Store, and it’s filled with everything you need to organize your space. 

The besties and business owners developed two online-only collections for The Container Store: a vanity and makeup one and a fridge and pantry one. Each is filled with bins, drawers, shelves, and even stick-on labels in Shearer’s handwriting that are made to help regular people like us achieve Khloe Kardashian-level organization. 

As we learned from their show, Shearer and Teplin like to separate every space they organize into zones, giving each particular item a home. The fridge storage solution kit does just that; it’s made up of fruit drawers, produce bins, an egg bin, and divided drawers so that every piece of food in your fridge has somewhere to go. Similarly, the pantry storage solution kit has everything you need to store your dry goods, including stacking bins, canisters, tiered shelves, and turntables. You also have the option to buy all of the items in each kit together or separately, making it even easier to customize the kits to your needs. 

Beyond the kitchen, The Home Edit team created containers for the bathroom, too. The vanity and makeup collection includes divided turntables, stackable drawers, bins, hair tool storage, and beauty towers. Plus, you can stick the bath and laundry labels onto each clear unit, so you can find what you’re looking for in a flash. 

While the perfectly organized homes you see on Instagram can feel unattainable, The Home Edit is making it possible for all of us to achieve those results. Even if you start with just a few containers, you’ll be amazed at how much of a difference it makes when everything in your home has a designated place. Shop the collections below.

Buy It! The Home Edit Bath Storage Solution, $223.84;

Buy It! The Home Edit Pantry Storage Solution, $259.84;

Buy It! The Home Edit Fridge Storage Solution, $266.85; 

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