Get your DIY game on

Get your DIY game on with these easy projects by Teja Lele Desai

The spirit of do-it-yourself (DIY) has suddenly taken urban India by storm. DIY, which initially gained traction as a method of building, modifying, or repairing something on your own (without the help of experts or professionals) has been associated mainly with projects in the home improvement and maintenance domain for decades.

But these days, especially over the past few months in lockdown, DIY encompasses a wide gamut — arts and crafts, home décor, fashion, style, toys, films, music, zines, and so on. The design revolution may have begun slowly, but is picking up steam fast. If you haven’t tried it yet, here are three easy projects you can begin with:


Aim: To convert a striking bottle into an unusual lamp

What you need: A bottle, bulb holder and wire, bulb, lampshade, glue

What to do: Wash the bottle thoroughly and soak it in water overnight to remove the label easily. Once dry, find a local glass store and request the tradesman to drill a hole through the bottom. Get an electrician to install a bulb holder and run the wire through the hole.

Next, you need to pick out a lampshade. If you have one, good enough, or browse through online décor stores that have several options. You may have to glue the shade on if it seems shaky. Alternatively, you could make one without the lampshade and use it as a bottle lamp with string lights. Plug in and enjoy the mood lighting.


Aim: To add a diner-like vibe to your home

What you need: Photos, scrapbook paper, cellotape, scissors, a sheet of glass

What to do: Bring out all the postcards you have collected on your travels. If you don’t have any, simply select them online ( is a good option). Posters, vintage ads and postcards work well. Get them developed at a photo studio into 4×6 size prints.

Wipe off the rectangular table — dining table, coffee table or desk — with a solution of white vinegar (1 part) and water (3 parts). Let dry. Arrange the photos, interspersed with postcard-sized pieces of scrapbook paper, to form a harmonious collage. Don’t stick them on with fevicol; only use cellotape. Top the table with a sheet of glass and you’re good to go.


Aim: To create a rather unusual décor accent

What you need: 3 old tyres (could be hatchback tyres or auto tyres, depending on the size of table you want; source them from the puncture shop); black oil paint, brushes, sheet of glass, metal bars

What to do: Begin by washing the tyres inside out. Once dry, spread them out on a thick layer of newspapers (important since you don’t want to mess up the floor). Layer with a coat of black paint, allowing each side to dry before you turn it over. Stack the painted tyres on top of each other and get a sheet of glass fitted in the hole on the top tyre. If you want to design chairs, add metal arms on wither side of the tyre stacks and you’re done!

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