Give your bathroom a glow-up with these stylish accessories

Inject a splash of colour or texture with a quick upgrade of your bathroom accessories.

Ah, bathrooms. They’re one of the hardest rooms in the house to give a good glowing over, particularly when you’re confined to a small space with a considerable lack of storage (anybody else feel my pain?)

Luckily for anybody (raise your hand!) whose bathrooms are on the pokey side, there are a slew of adorable accessories you can adopt to spice up your space. That no-doubt rusty toilet brush? Why not upgrade it after all; doesn’t it have the worst job of all of your bathroom utensils? That pint glass you stole from the pub and are now using as a toothpaste pot? It’s time to invest in a new one, and who said leopard print was out of the question? And lest we go forgetting the most godforsaken bathroom essential of all; the bath mat. Now let’s be honest, hasn’t yours seen better days? Just as we thought. 

To save you a job, we’ve rounded up the most stylish and fabulous bathroom accessories that money can buy. You and your bathroom can thank us later. 

  • Made Panthea tortoiseshell bathroom set

    MADE Panthea tortoiseshell bathroom set

    Give your bathroom a fierce upgrade with these three-piece tortoiseshell set which includes a toilet brush, a soap dispenser and a toothbrush pot. Take a walk on the wild side. 

    Shop Made Panthea tortoiseshell bathroom set, £25


  • Soul & Soap oval terrazzo soap dish

    Soul & Soap oval terazzo soap dish

    Don’t go forgetting the vessel your chunk of soap calls home, now. This pretty speckled offering from Soul & Soap is as fun as it is functional. 

    Shop Soul & Soap oval terrazzo soap dish, £13.99


  • Urban Outfitters Francesca soap dispenser

    Urban Outfitters Francesca soap dispenser

    Get that toothpaste-splattered plastic Carex bottle in the bin and replace it with a beautifully ornate hand-painted soap dispenser, thus masking the cheap liquid you choose to fill it with. It’s a win-win. 

    Shop Urban Outfitters Francesca soap dispenser, £16


  • Matalan chunky ceramic toilet brush

    Matalan chunky ceramic toilet brush

    Now don’t say we don’t do anything for you. You had no idea how much you needed a matte mustard toilet brush until right now, did you? Perfect for a zingy injection of colour. 

    Shop Matalan chunky ceramic toilet brush, £8


  • T & Toff yuzu + eucalyptus luxury bath salts

    T & Toff yuzu + eucalyptus luxury bath salts

    But really, what good is a bathroom spruce when you’ve nothing to indulge your senses in? These yuzu and eucalyptus-infused bath salts are a seriously sensational place to start. 

    Shop T & Toff yuzu + eucalyptus luxury bath salts, £20 


  • La Basketry woven tissue box cover

    La Basketry woven tissue box cover

    Even your tissue box gets an upgrade! This pretty woven case for your tissues can hide even the most heinous of boxes.

    Shop La Basketry woven tissue box cover, £26


  • Anthropologie Amina handwoven bath mat

    Anthropologie Amina handwoven bath mat

    With a muted palette but a pretty pattern, this fringed bath mat is a perfect addition to even the most neutral of bathrooms. 

    Shop Anthropologie Amina handwoven bath mat, £38


  • Hay Aquarelle shower curtain

    Hay Aquarelle shower curtain

    Inject a healthy dose of pared-back Scandinavian chic with Hay’s gradual pastel blue shower curtain. Perfect for an all-white space. 

    Shop Hay Aquarelle shower curtain, £40


Images: courtesy of brands.

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