‘Give your lawn a last cut!’ Gardening expert shares October garden jobs

Homebase shares top 10 garden tasks for October

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With the weather getting colder it is crucial to start preparing your garden for winter. If you leave your garden now, you could end up giving yourself more work to do in spring. Tasks such as lawn cutting, trimming hedges, pruning raspberry canes and picking tomatoes can all be done in October.

It is also the perfect month to plant up tulip bulbs, rhubarb, garlic and onions.

Homebase UK shared their top 10 garden tasks for October in a 2016 YouTube video.

In the clip a gardening expert said: “Trim hedges before the weather turns.

“Keep harvesting root vegetables and fruits.

“Prune back cane of autumn flowering blackberries and raspberries.

“After harvesting plant her borders and pots with tulips.

“Pot up tender perennials and bring under cover for winter protection.

“Any green tomatoes can be picked and brought in to ripen.”

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Tomato plants will fruit from June until first frost, however, they thrive in warm and light conditions.

Tomatoes will ripen more slowly as the days get shorter an the temperature cools down.

If you find your tomatoes are not ripening then it may be time to pick them and try to ripen them yourself indoors.

To do this, you can pick them and pop them in a paper bag with a ripe banana.

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Ethylene gas that bananas release naturally can ripen tomatoes.

Other tasks you can do in October includes planting garlic and onions.

The garden pro continued: “Plant autumn garlic and onion says for next year.

“Collect fallen leaves and compost to make leaf mould.

“Give your lawn a last cut before leaving it for the winter.

“Divide large congested clumps of rhubarb.

“If you don’t have any think about adding some for next year as this sits really happily in a mixed border.”

Mowing your lawn in the winter isn’t usually necessary unless it’s warm and when the grass is still growing.

Cut your lawn to the shortest height you can before leaving it for winter.

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