‘Hard to get wrong!’ Gardening expert shares which ‘entry level’ plants you can grow now

Horticulturist shares tips for planting bulbs in containers

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If you’re new to the gardening scene then getting stuck in can seem like a daunting task. Each month of the year is best for planting different plants, garden tasks and harvests. So where do you begin if you’re a beginner gardener?

Managing Director of Hopes Grove Nurseries in Kent, Morris Hankinson, explained exclusively to Express.co.uk which “entry level” plants you can grow now.

Hopes Grove Nurseries was established 27 years ago and grows approximately one million hedge plants in 50 acres of land in Tenterden.

The nurseries regularly supplies plants for ITV’s Love Your Garden which features Alan Titchmarsh, David Domoney, Katie Rushworth and Frances Tophill.

If you’re renowned for killing every plant you touch, fear not, because Morris has assured that planting these is “hard to get wrong”.

The gardening expert said September is “peak season” for popping bulbs in the soil or in containers.

Once you’ve planted bulbs, you can leave them over the winter months.

Early next year and going into spring, the bulbs will begin to sprout.

The gardening expert said when the soil is damp, it’s easier to plant them in the ground.

He continued: “Make sure there’s a bit of moisture when you’re putting them in.

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“They put up with an awful lot. Try and put them in the right way up!

“Even that isn’t guaranteeing failure if you don’t.

“They never seem to suffer, even in pots and containers.

“If it’s really cold in the winter, it doesn’t seem to bother them.

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“They’re always there poking out through the snow – crocuses etc.

“They are a nice entry level bunch of plants to grow. They are quite hard to get wrong!”

Spring-flowering bulbs such as daffodils, crocus and hyacinths are perfect to plant by the end of this month.

While tulip bulbs need to be planted in November.

Lilies, alliums, fritillaria and crocosmia can be planted in September and October.

You can even plant some bulbs in December, however, you need to plant them before there’s a risk of frost.

If you plant them when it’s frosty, they may not produce roots.

When your bulbs eventually flower next year, ensure they are well-watered.

Your compost should be moist but not sodden to the touch.

You shouldn’t need to feed bulbs but you can do as they begin to emerge in spring.

Just make sure you research which food to use and use the right fertiliser ratio.

Find out more from Hopes Grove Nurseries.

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