HGTV #TBT: Do You Recognize the Property Brothers, Christina Anstead and More Before They Were Famous?

Property Brothers’ Jonathan Scott

Holy ’90s! “Who else has prime pics like this from the 1990s?” the contractor asked his Instagram followers, showing off a photo of some designs he was sketching back in the day.

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Christina Anstead

This house flipper is throwing it back to her high school graduation in 2001 — which she calls the “year of tanning beds and over plucked brows.”

“Does anyone else’s mom randomly send them old photos?!” the mom-of-three said, adding, “just noticed it looks like I’m slyly giving someone the [bird] ??‍♀️.”

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Chip Gaines

“In college one of my lifelong dreams of playing baseball didn’t quite play out how I’d hoped it would,” the home renovation expert captioned this throwback graduation photo in front of the Baylor University sign. “But had it not been for that Baylor baseball team, I never would’ve fallen in love with Waco, Texas. And without Waco, I never would’ve met Jo.”

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Property Brothers’ Drew and Jonathan Scott

From children’s book readers to children’s book writers! Jonathan shared this adorable throwback of he and Drew snuggling up with a book (and a teddy bear!) in front of the fire place.

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Christina on the Coast’s Ant Anstead

“A reminder of how far I have come,” wrote Christina Anstead’s husband and the Wheelers Dealers star. “For a start I used to be blonde!”

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Flip or Flop’s Tarek El Moussa

Toddler Tarek! The home renovation expert shared this very ’80s photo of himself with his mom, writing: “My mom has always been there through thick and thin and we never realize how important parents are until we become one!! Mom I love you to the moon and back!!”

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Flip or Flop’s Christina Anstead

When Christina shared this photo of herself at 16 with her first car, her Instagram followers couldn’t help but notice one thing: She’s a spitting image of her oldest daughter, Taylor!

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Property Brothers’ J.D. Scott

The newly-married, third Property Brother shared this hilarious photo for a Flashback Friday on Instagram. “Oh, you know, just working hard today. Grindin. Movin & shakin,” he joked in the caption.

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Fixer Upper’s Chip and Joanna Gaines

This black-and-white collage of Chip and Joanna Gaines on their wedding day will have any Fixer Upper fan saying “aww.” And if the photo doesn’t do the trick, Joanna’s caption will: “Thank you for the 12 good years of laughter, leadership, and adventure,” she wrote on their anniversary in 2015. “No one makes me laugh harder than you do. You are strong and fearless yet kind and tender hearted. Thank you for teaching me to be brave and for loving me well.”

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Joanna Gaines

Joanna was making a statement on camera long before HGTV found her. “Easter outfit 1979,” she captioned this cute baby pic.

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Chip Gaines

Chip isn’t ashamed by his “dad bod” now, and never was! “And for some eye candy.. How about those legs.. I mean hard wood floors!” he joked.

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Property Brothers’ Drew and Jonathan Scott

Identical twins Drew and Jonathan have a bevvy of throwback photos on social media, but this one particularly captures their competitive spirit (and sharp dressing skills). “I’m blowing out candles and [Jonathan] is impersonating a monkey,” Drew wrote.

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Jonathan Scott

Before he made it big as a contractor, Jonathan persued his first passion: magic! “I’ve always been able to put on a good show,” he said of this still from one of his teenage performances.

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Drew Scott

“Yes, those are lightly frosted tips,” Drew admits on this photo from his archives. “Don’t be jealous [Justin Timberlake].”

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Flip or Flop’s Tarek El Moussa

Check out the pre-teen mug on Tarek El Moussa! ” Straight #thuggin since #93,” he wrote of this picture day special.

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Flip or Flop’s Christina El Moussa

Christina El Moussa has herself quite the girl gang in this find from her senior year of high school in 2001.

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Rehab Addict’s Nicole Curtis

Nicole Curtis and her eldest son Ethan cozy up in this photo from the early days of Rehab Addict. “Can’t believe he was this little when we started the show!” she said, adding that in the 8th season, airing now, “He’s taking on one of our biggest projects this Spring.”

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Home Town’s Ben and Erin Napier

Who’s this cute couple snuggled up for the holidays? It’s Home Town‘s Ben and Erin Napier! “If you like a good love story, I’ve got one for you. 11 years ago today, I began the 6-day courtship of [Erin Napier],” Ben captioned.

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Erin Napier

Not to be outdone by her husband, Erin shared this baby photo of herself posing with a teddy bear. “I still feel like that on the inside,” she wrote.

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Ben Napier

Ben posted another throwback from his high school days, donning layered T-shirts and some unmistakable overalls.

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Good Bones’ Karen E. Laine and Mina Starsiak

The mother-daughter duo behind Good Bones are already the sweetest, but this photo shared by Mina from when she was a baby amps up the cute factor. “Your energy is unmatched, your spirit wild and free, and your love and lust for life inspires us all to be more positive,” she wrote of mom, Karen.

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