HGTV's Erin Napier Explains Why the Products in Her Stores Are a 'Little More Expensive'

Erin Napier is setting the record straight about her home goods stores.

Earlier this week, the Home Town designer, 34, addressed why the items sold at her and husband Ben’s two retail stores “are a little more expensive” than some visitors may expect.

“I love the chance to explain,” the HGTV star wrote in an Instagram caption, as she offered up some insight as to how the couple chooses to do business at Laurel Mercantile and Scotsman Co., both located in their hometown of Laurel, Mississippi.

“Many stores sell imported goods which are fairly inexpensive. If we imported our goods from countries without labor laws on the books like minimum wage and minimum working age, cost would be much less,” she wrote. “We have chosen to support American manufacturing by featuring products made here in the USA because if we’re going to be serious about revitalizing small town America, we have to be serious about making things here to keep our hometowns strong.”

Although the cost of doing business in America can be higher, leading to steeper retail prices, both Erin and Ben feel like the tradeoff is worthwhile.

“We feel that it is worth the price to help support local economies by providing a demand for the jobs needed to create these products,” the TV host added. “We hope you’ll consider the true cost of a bargain when buying items in the future as well, and whenever possible, think of how far your dollar goes when it stays in the USA.”

The economic lesson isn't the first time the star has used her social media platform to take a stand or education followers.

Tuesday's post came shortly after Erin opened up about another important topic: online bullying. Last week, she revealed that she'd be temporarily “turning off” her Instagram comments.

“Turning off comments till 2021 feels like a good move,” she captioned a photo of her and Ben, 37. “It’s getting harder to shoulder every opinion from every direction at all times about everything when everyone is freaking out constantly. There’s too much noise.”

“The best we can do is show compassion in our differences and understanding that we’re never going to be able to see all things the exact same way because our experiences are not the same,” she added, as she encouraged her followers to embrace the change. “It’s nothing to freak out about. No need to shove. Have mercy. Show grace. Social media is for fun.”

Although a small number of the HGTV star’s July posts have comments completely disabled, the majority of posts still support limited commenting.

Despite the challenges created by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Erin recently shared that she and Ben started filming for Season 5 of Home Town.

“We are surrounded by a masked team, but thankfully we know the familiar faces under there and are finding our groove again,” the mother of one wrote on Instagram last month sharing a photo of herself and her husband with a clapperboard in hand. “Thank you for loving our show and letting us do this.”

The couple’s new spinoff series, Home Town Takeover is also scheduled to premiere in 2021. In the six-part series, Ben and Erin will help give the small town of Wetumpka, Alabama, a life-changing overhaul.

“Ben and I often speak about our love of small-town living and what that lifestyle means to people who live in one,” Erin said in a press release. “The people of Wetumpka know they have a small town worth saving, and now the world will see why this tight-knit community deserves a fresh start.”

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