Hilary Duff Renovated Her Home Twice After 'Big Life Changes — a Divorce, a Second Child'

When it comes to designing her chic Beverly Hills house, Hilary Duff makes sure to keep her kids — and the “chaos” they bring — in mind.

“This house is used by kids,” Duff tells archdigest.com. “We have found this really nice balance. I care a lot about interior design, and I do like to invest in furniture—but furniture that I feel like I’m going to love and reuse in many different ways, and also that my kids can, like, climb on and beat up a little bit. Now, it feels like our family’s home.”

The 5,260-square-foot space is occupied by Duff, her husband Matthew Koma, their 22-month-old daughter Banks Violet and her son Luca Cruz, 7, whom Duff shares with ex Mike Comrie.

“A lot of people move to the Hills for the view,” the Younger actress, 32, says. “But I liked that this home felt really nested. I actually have hedges in my backyard, and then right behind that, it’s just this big mountain. I feel like I’m getting this nice, warm hug.”

“I’ve remodeled twice since the initial remodel,” she adds of the property, which she purchased about eight years ago. “I had a couple of big life changes—a divorce, a second child.”

In the home tour video, Duff said the living room is the “heart of the home,” explaining that there are usually kids and dogs running around and toys strewn on the floor. “It’s chaos, which is just the way we like it,” she said.

Taking fans through to her open-concept kitchen, she shared that the funky black-and-white tiles are her favorite detail in the entire house.

“This was one of the first things that I found that I felt like ‘Oh my god, I have to have those’ when I was out shopping for materials when the house was being remodeled,” Duff said. “It was a very bold choice and it seemed really loud but now it's my favorite part of the house and I love talking about it.”

Perhaps the most unexpected feature in Duff’s family home is the backyard chicken coop, which holds six chickens at the moment. “It’s been a really fun project for me,” she said. “I spend a lot of time here hanging out with them.”

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