Home And Away actor Mick Innes dies aged 67

Home And Away actor Mick Innes has died at the age of 67.

The New Zealand-born actor passed away at his family home in Christchurch on Saturday morning after a battle with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease​, Stuff reports.

Innes had a long acting career, which commenced in the 1980s.

He starred in numerous theatre productions over the years, as well as appearing in a number of popular TV series.

The veteran actor had a recurring role in Shortland Street in 2007, portraying Travis Walters.

He also played a character named Rod in two episodes of Home And Away back in 1996, and appeared in short-film Goodness Grows Here.

In his solo theatre show — entitled Zen Dog: Hazy Recollections from the Life of Mick Innes — Innes reflected on his life, including his struggles with alcoholism.

Roberto​ Nascimento, a friend and colleague, described him as ‘a complicated, but a very interesting and loveable man’.

‘He had a history of alcoholism, but was sober for the past 16 years. He was proud to be sober to see his grandchildren grow up. He was working to make amends with people he felt he had to. ‘

According to Nascimento, Innes was surrounded by his family when he died.

‘When he passed, he was surrounded by family, he was in his mother’s arms. She was there till the end and she is a very resilient woman.’

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