Home and Away casts Matt Evans as Leah's 'ladies man' nephew Theo

Home and Away has a new arrival on the way as troublesome Theo heads to the Bay – and he has an eye for both the ladies and the car.

But as Theo makes himself at home and causes a stir, it later emerges that he is the nephew of Leah – and it’s evident that he has a deeper reason for arriving on her doorstep.

We caught up with Matt to chat about Theo’s backstory and how he has been settling into the soap.

Welcome to Summer Bay, Matt! How have your first few months of filming Home and Away been?

My first few months have been a dream come true. I walked onto set for the first time having no experience and no idea what the heck is going on! The Home and Away team is so nurturing and have made me feel right at home. I am so happy to be blessed with this job and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Can you tell us a bit about your character, Theo? How would you describe him?

Theo is a bit of a ladies man who just loves to have fun being the class clown he is… oh and lets not forget fast cars… He loves fast cars. Theo is the type of kid who just lives in the moment, acts first and thinks later which as you can imagine gets him into some sticky situations. Theo is charismatic and uses his charm to get his way through life but eventually it catches up to him.

Theo has a rocky arrival in the Bay when Cash catches him speeding… can we expect Theo to be causing mayhem over the coming weeks?

Oh yeah! Don’t expect anything less from Theo than a trolley full of trouble. He is coming to the Bay to seek out a family member but he doesn’t mind having fun whilst he’s around. His tongue in cheek type personality is only going to send waves of questions through Summer Bay.

We then find out that Theo is Leah’s troubled Nephew – can you tell us a little about what has brought him to the Bay to see his Aunt?

Theo doesn’t have the best relationship with his father. He has always been a bit tough on him growing up and that has been from Theo messing up time and time again. Theo doesn’t know the meaning of true love and has never felt it from his father so he acts out in an attempt to be the centre of attention in every room he walks in. Hence this also causing his father to be so hard on him all the time.

Is Leah happy to see Theo when he arrives?

Leah is confused as to why Theo has arrived but once she gets to the bottom of it she is happy to have Theo around. Leah loves Theo and is a bit blinded by this love when it comes to him getting himself into trouble.

Leah’s partner, Justin, is very wary of Theo when he turns up unexpectedly. Would you say that Justin is right to be cautious?

Absolutely. It is easy to see that the minute Theo shows up there is definitely something wrong. His stories never add up and there is something fishy about Theo landing in the Bay.

We then find out that Theo has been having troubles at home with his father, can you tease what their fallout has been caused by?

Theo worked at his dad’s car showroom and ran insurance fraud through the company. You can only imagine how this has blown up in their family household and Theo couldn’t handle it anymore so he just had to leave.

It sounds like you have been working lots with some Home and Away icons, such as Ada Nicodemou, what has it been like working on set with your cast mates?

It has been an absolute surreal experience. I grew up watching the show and hence these people are genuine icons to me. So working with Ada has been incredible and I can’t stress enough how beautiful these people are when it comes down to it. Ada is the most amazing human and she was so welcoming to me, I will never forget it. There is a reason they are all still there and working because they are the utmost professionals and just lovely people. I also have to say James Stewart has been a massive mentor for me and I appreciate him so much for the amount of help he has given me on the crazy journey.

Is there anyone in the cast that you haven’t worked with so far and would like to team up with for a future storyline?

I actually haven’t worked with my housemate Jacqui Purvis who has just recently aired so that could be cool to have a storyline with her.

What will you do to celebrate your first episode airing?

My acting agents bought me a bottle of Moet when I booked the job and I have saved it especially for the night! However I am working the day of the airing and after so it cant be too big! We are also in lockdown so it will just be Jacqui and I at the TV, but nonetheless that’s still fun!

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