Home and Away star teases Irene's future after heartache

Home and Away just wouldn’t be the same without Irene. Despite her many flaws, she is a tough love wielding mum to any a resident of the Bay and has certainly had the year from hell. 

But legend Lynne McGranger has told Metro.co.uk that she has no plans to say goodbye to the long suffering character – and shared that she still gets a thrill playing her. 

She told Metro.co.uk: ‘I do! I love that she’s fallible. I love that she does real dumb stuff sometimes and at other times she’s very wise. I love that people warm to her because she is human and you know, she has her favourites in the Bay and people like John Palmer drive her up the wall, but she’ll always have a soft spot for them even if they do drive her crazy.

‘People have asked me what character I would most like to play in the Bay and its always Irene. I love her and I love playing her. I know her!’

What would she like to see the future hold for Irene – she has certainly had a a hell of a year. Could she have some happiness in the near future?

Lynne smiled: ‘I’d like a few more comedy storylines. I’d like a bit of lightness, I love working with all the cast, but comedy-wise it would be great to work with Emily who plays Marilyn, Shane who plays John because he annoys the hell out of Irene, but the comedy value there and Leah, Roo and Alf…I’d just like a little more lightness, we do have some pretty heavy storylines and often there’s doom and gloom, but I really like the idea of there being some lightness, laughter and fun.’

That said, Lynne also loves the drama and assures us she is able to slip out of troubled Irene’s life and back into her own with ease.


She told us: ‘I can flip the switch! I’m not saying that I don’t get exhausted, bloody hell when I was doing the Tommy storyline with Bella it was exhausting! Physically exhausting! I can flip the switch, I’m lucky.

‘I think most other actors would say the same thing. At the end of the day you’re playing a role and you’re pretending. Hopefully you’re doing it in a believable way that you can be part of the whole story and take people on a journey, but then when the director says cut, yeah you might be physically exhausted, but I’ve never had the urge to get further support or therapy afterwards because I’m so caught up in it, it’s pretend.

‘I love it, sometimes I feel like I’m a big kid and I’m just playing pretend in the back garden, It’s lovely. There’s the line learning, obviously we have to give it gravitas and make sure that we’re giving it the right emphasis and truthfully telling the story, but I find it doesn’t affect me mentally or emotionally, more physically if anything!’

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