Home Town's Erin Napier Releases 3 Nostalgia-Inspired Summer Candles

The next candle is Lucy's Lemonade, which is "inspired by the tart raspberry, lemon and sugar summer magic served in paper cups at 50 cents a pop," Erin said.

And finally, the Ponchatoula Strawberry Candle, inspired by the sweet strawberries in south Louisiana where one of the Laurel Mercantile co-owners is from, "smells the way an ice cold strawberry sorbet tastes, like the sweetest treat on a hot summer day," according to Erin.

All three scents are available in different sizes, starting at $12.

Erin's full scent collection features 20 different candles. Several others have also been released, including Portside, The Old City, Saturday Morning, Savannah and Summer School. According to the website, each candle has a burn time of at least 50 hours, and is made with a non-toxic soy wax blend. All ingredients and materials are sourced from the U.S.

Erin and Ben, 36, were discovered by a network producer as newlyweds. Now, they are parents to 2-year-old daughter Helen, command a growing home-improvement empire, including their series Home Town (now in its fourth season), plus the spinoff Home Town Takeover, two retail stores, a book and a furniture line.

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