Houseplants: ‘Ultimate low maintenance plants’ for neglectful amateur gardeners

Monty Don opens up about his love for gardening

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Looking after plants can be a tricky task, especially if you’re a newbie home gardener. Neglecting them for long periods of time by forgetting to water them is a common mistake. But gardening experts at Lazy Flora have revealed a list of plants that are least likely to die after a long period of neglect, so you don’t need to worry if you forget to water them.

Hardy houseplants are perfect for those with a busy lifestyle.

Here’s a list of the six most “low maintenance” houseplants:

ZZ plant

ZZ plants are perfect for beginners who don’t like the idea of a high maintenance plant.

It’s tough with glossy, polished leaves that are perfect for offices and low-light areas around the house.

ZZ plants also don’t need much watering and thrive best on soil that’s not completely dried out.

Water it “little and often” for the best results.

Spider plant

Spider plants are extremely popular, and for good reason.

The plant is undemanding and prefers bright but indirect light which means it’s perfect anywhere in the house away from a sunny windowsill.

Flamingo flower

Flamingo Flowers are also known as Anthurium and are bright, striking plants with heart-shaped spathes.

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The plant’s leaves and lowers are long-lasting and can add an exotic touch to any room.

However, they are toxic so it’s best to keep them away from any pets.

Swiss cheese plants

These plants are extremely on trend and make a big impact in a room.

The plant should be kept in bright, indirect sunlight and needs watering regularly to ensure it doesn’t dry out.


Guzmanias are one of the most striking plants in the world.

They are known for their flower-shaped protrusion which is called a bract.

The colourful head is long-lasting and comes in reds, oranges, pinks and yellows.

They work well in bathrooms and prefer dappled shade away from direct sunlight.

Rubber plant

Rubber plants are difficult to kill and can tolerate above average amounts of neglect which makes them ideal for people with a busy lifestyle.

However, the sap can be harmful to humans and pets so be careful when handling it.

When the compost is dry, water it and put them in indirect light.

Claire Ransom, the founder of Lazy Flora said: “We all know someone who can kill a plant at 20 paces.

“Some of my friends confess to being the type of gardener who, no matter how well-intentioned, just can’t seem to keep their botanical babies in good health.

“If that sounds familiar, then these robust plants are for you.

“They’re the ultimate low maintenance bunch and still thrive in spite of slight neglect.

“Most of them feel right at home living with forgetful waterers, who also have a habit of putting their plants in corners with low light levels.”

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