How to clean a barbecue with baking soda

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There are two bank holidays in May, so many will be looking to welcome some family or friends to their gardens for a barbecue. For food safety, it is important barbecues are kept clean. Simple household cleaning products like baking soda can help to get barbecues sparkling again.

When cleaning barbecues, many will focus on getting the grill looking like new.

However, it is also important not to neglect the other surfaces of the barbecue too.

Food safety expert Dr Lisa Ackerley told Good Housekeeping: “Studies have shown that the built-in side tables on barbecues are hot spots for bacteria.

“Even if your barbecue looks clean, make sure you get these surfaces hygienically clean with an antibacterial cleaner before cooking and also always after there has been raw meat on the surface.”

How to clean a barbecue with baking soda

There are plenty of specialist barbecue cleaning products on the market.

However, people might want to consider using baking soda instead, as a simple cleaning solution for stainless steel barbecue grills.

Metals expert Paul McFadyen, MD at specialist metal provider, metals4U, said: “Stainless steel is used for barbecue grills as it’s hard-wearing and doesn’t rust like most other metals – when cleaning it you should be really careful not to use anything too abrasive that might damage the metal coating.

“We advise using baking soda mixed with water to form a paste to remove any dirt or grime, as it is non-toxic.

“Avoid using metal grill brushes as the bristles can be dislodged and are incredibly harmful if ingested.

“Leave the paste for 10 minutes to soak and wipe clean – be sure to rinse the area well after treating.

“To prevent food sticking to your grill, apply oil before cooking.”

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How to clean a barbecue with soapy water

Online several people have shared their tips for getting barbecues in tip-top condition.

Lynsey Crombie (aka Lynsey Queen of Clean) wrote in a BBQ cleaning tips blog post that washing up liquid can effectively clean barbecues.

However, people with coal barbecues should note Lynsey’s advice: “If you have a coal BBQ never throw water over the coals and when they have cooled pour them into a rubbish bag and rinse out the tray using your outside tap.”

The process for cleaning a barbecue with soapy water is simple.

After leaving the barbecue to cool, you can clean the barbecue with a barbecue brush and a bowl of warm soapy water.

Leave the soapy water on the grill for a few minutes to help lift some of the grease, before using the brush to clean the grate.

Once clean, let the barbecue dry and make sure you don’t miss cleaning other parts of the barbecue, including the sides and lid.

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