How to clean a patio without a pressure washer

DIY hack: Woman cleans her patio using three products

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Gardening season has arrived once again and many people are looking to get their outdoor spaces looking beautiful for the warm seasons ahead. Over time, patios can lose their sparkle and get covered in dirt and algae. However, there are plenty of ways you can clean a patio at home without the use of a pressure washer. Before trying any cleaning method, check the manufacturer’s instructions for looking after your specific patio slabs.

How to clean a patio

There are several ways to tackle a dirty patio that don’t involve using a pressure washer.

There are plenty of patio cleaning solutions available online or in homeware stores you might want to consider.

However, Minster Paving suggest you can also get good results with simple household items, like washing up liquid.

Before you start cleaning, take some time to get the patio ready for scrubbing.

Remove any weeds from the patio and give it a good brush with a heavy-duty broom.

Minster Paving explains to mix some washing up liquid with warm water and pour it over the patio, before giving it a good brush.

Then just give the site a good rinse with water afterwards.

How to clean a patio with vinegar

You may not need to buy any specialist cleaning products to clean a patio, as you may already have all you need in the house already.

White vinegar is used by many for a number of cleaning projects and you could get great results using vinegar on your patio too.

Paving specialists Marshalls include a handy guide on their website for how to clean patio slabs with vinegar.

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You’ll need a heavy-duty garden broom, watering can, weeding tool, bucket, water and white vinegar for this method.

Start by moving all plants and furniture out of the way so they don’t get damaged by the vinegar, before sweeping the area clean and removing any weeds.

Mix a cleaning solution of half vinegar and half water, pour it onto the patio and let it sit for 20 minutes.

Marshalls explain on their website: “Your water/vinegar mix should be in equal parts or, if your paving is particularly dirty, mixed with more vinegar than water.

“When you have your mix, pour it into a watering can.

“Use the watering can to generously and evenly distribute the mixture across the paved area, making sure the entire surface is covered.”

You can then scrub the area clean with a brush, before mopping the area with water.

Wait until the patio is dry before moving furniture back into place.

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