How to deal with flying ants – two easy at-home solutions

Met Office warns of a 'swarm' of flying ants in parts of the UK

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Summer tends to bring all sorts of bugs, insects and creepy crawlies out of the woodwork, with hornets, flies and wasps driving a real pest. But one of these critters is among the most annoying and that’s the flying ant, which tends to swarm in the air on certain days each year.

Flying ants are just like your regular garden ant – only with wings, meaning they’re a lot more irritating. 

They tend to all appear in the air at once, in what we calling ‘Flying Ant Day’ – though actually this isn’t a set day every year.

Depending on the weather forecast, however, this normally takes place between June and September and can happen on more than one day each year.

Today it seems as if London was suffering from the flying ant season – so how do you deal with a swarm?

How to get rid of flying ants

Flying ants are incredibly annoying but they’re actually completely harmless.

That said, you may want to get rid of them or move them on.

In 2018, flying ants invade the court at Wimbledon, proving to be a major distraction.

So whether you’re trying out your best Andy Murray impression or simply want to enjoy some quiet time in your garden, we’ve got some tips on how to deal with the pesky insects.

Spray bottle

Simply fill an empty spray bottle with two parts water and one part washing up liquid.

Then, add a few drops of peppermint oil.

Give this a spritz in any area where the ants have gathered and it should help to move them on.

Apple juice paste

Alternatively, make a concoction of apple juice and artificial sweetener and mix into a paste.

Leave on the ground near the flying ants, who will pick up the solution and carry it to their colony – killing them off.

Bear in mind that killing flying ants is detrimental to the environment.

They may be irritating, but these creatures actually provide a vital food source for many type of birds, and are also beneficial to improve your garden fertility.

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