How to deter pigeons from your garden – top tips for a pigeon free space

Pigeons ‘pose very little risk to spreading disease’ says expert

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Pigeons, once they’ve chosen your garden as a nesting ground, will eat the plants you’re trying to grow. These birds may be harmless but they can cause significant damage to your property and potentially bring disease-causing organisms into your garden. For that reason, it’s important to deter them or scare them away before they can do any lasting damage.

What attracts pigeons?

Like most pests, pigeons need a safe area with a steady and stable supply of food to thrive and survive.

Once they find a stable food source, they will likely create several nests as they like to live in flocks.

They are not especially picky dieters which can make it all the harder to get rid of them for good.

Pigeons will be more than happy to dine out on exposed junk as much as they’ll enjoy seeds from your vegetable garden.

How to deter pigeons from the garden

Spray them with a hose

This method only works if you catch the pigeons before they build their nests.

Scare them away by spraying them with a hose as soon as you see them enter your garden.

An automatic water jet or sprinkler set on a timer will also deter pigeons.

As a rule, the birds don’t really enjoy water so spraying them is a good bet at scaring them away, and once you’ve done it a few times they’ll be unlikely to come back.

Install a scarecrow

The good, long-time tested method of using a scarecrow can go a long way in helping to deter pigeons.

Consider a scarecrow with the silhouette of a hawk and one that can make noise or moves in the wind.

Another crucial factor is to change the scarecrow’s position every so often.

If you don’t, the pigeons (and other birds) will get used to the scarecrow’s presence and realise it poses no real threat to them.

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Use reflective surfaces

Reflective, shiny lights can be a good deterrent for pigeons and birds.

Adorn your garden with CDs or other shiny surfaces as this can temporarily affect the pigeon’s eyesight, effectively deterring them from nesting in your garden.

Protective measures

Installing bird netting is a good way to protect your garden from unwanted visitors and birds.

If they’re going after a particular plant, you can cover them with the netting in a bid to preserve it.

Guard the bird feeders

If you have bird feeders, pigeons can very easily infiltrate and infest your garden as they’re known to scare off smaller birds in an effort to steal as much food as they can.

Because of this, your best bet is just to keep bird feeders away.

Sometimes though, you need to get rid of pigeons without repelling birds that do good to your garden.

In such cases, you could invest in ultrasonic sound devices or gel repellents designed to confuse the pigeons or deter them from going into your garden.

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