How to get rid of daisies on your lawn – 4 simple methods

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Daisies are a common sight across the UK, and that’s largely down to the fact they can grow in almost all types of soil. From acidic to alkaline, daisies will thrive in virtually any lawn or garden. But while many think the dainty white and yellow flower is a joy to behold, not everyone agrees.

Daisies are known by dozens of common names, which include:

  • The English daisy
  • The common daisy
  • The lawn daisy

They are a perennial plant that spreads via seed, which is how they can seemingly get everywhere.

Daisies usually grow between March and October and can appear as a result of not mowing your lawn frequently enough.

If you’re not a fan of the small white petals, breaks down how to get rid of them.

How to get rid of daisies on your lawn

There are a handful of ways to remove daisies from your lawn, which you can read on to discover.

But it’s important to stop them from returning too – and cutting the grass more regularly can be an effective way of doing this.

Mowing your lawn regularly helps your grass become more dense which leaves little to no room for daisies to grow.

But to get rid of the pesky lawn weeds in the first place, read on to find four ways to remove them.

Daisy Grubber

This is a handy tool that allows you to dig out the tiny flowers without much fuss.

Simply insert the device – such as the Bio Dasiy Grubber by DeWit – into the ground under the plant, with the two prongs at an angle.

Then all you need to do is lever upwards, pulling out the flower and the root system.


Alternatively, if you have a lot of daisies on your lawn, you can use a knife to slash through the foliage.

Doing this at weekly intervals helps to weaken and loosen the plant. Eventually, you can pull them out with little fuss.

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Hand pulling

Removing daisies by hand may seem an arduous task but it’s an organic – and free – way to get rid of them.

As daisies frequently grow in clumps, you can simply grab a handful and pull.

Do remember to try and take as much of the root system with the flower as possible, in order to prevent regrowth.

Make sure to weed early – and often.

Weed killer

If all the above fails, or you’d prefer to kill them rather than digging them out, you could try a weed killer spray or concentrate.

If you only have a few handfuls of daisies, try a spray for a sport treatment.

Or if your grass is inundated with flowers, try a selective weed killer concentrated across your whole lawn.

Make sure to follow the instructions carefully – you’re supposed to dilute the mix, but too watery and it won’t kill the daisies, while if you make it too strong it could also kill the grass.

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