How to get rid of dandelions – 4 ways to banish this flower from your garden

Alan Titchmarsh provides advice on removing weeds in 2016

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While some think dandelions are beautiful, others think they’re a complete nuisance and ruin the look of their flawless lawn. It’s difficult to get rid of dandelions without destroying the other plants or soil in your garden, but it is possible. reveals the 4 steps to banishing dandelions.

Dandelions might be a source of fun for children, but they’re a real pain for gardeners.

These fuzzy flowers take water and nutrients away from the surrounding plants you’re growing.

On top of that, dandelions disperse their seeds with the help of the wind and they can land and grow anywhere, so it’s nearly impossible to stop them sprouting up elsewhere in your garden.

You can keep them at bay, though. Here’s four tried and tested ways to get rid of dandelions.

How to get rid of dandelions

Dig them up

You can remove dandelions with a weeding knife when the soil is moist.

Either wait for rain or use a watering can to dampen the soil and then push the soil away from the root of the plant with a weeding knife or dandelion pullers.

This is the most effective method, but it’s also the most time-consuming and tiring.

You have to remove the entire taproot – which can run very deep – to actually kill the dandelion and stop it from growing back.

To be successful in your mission to get rid of all the dandelions, you’ll need to keep doing this every few weeks.

This is because more will sprout up from any seeds that have dispersed.

Boiling water and vinegar

Mix some boiling water and vinegar together and pour it all over the dandelions in question.

Then, remove the plant with a weeding knife or spade and fill the hole up with the solution to prevent any growing back.

This is a very effective solution, but it will destroy any nearby plants and leave the area barren for a while.


A pre-emergent is a chemical that prevents seeds on your lawn or soil from germinating and growing into plants.

This hack works to stop any existing roots or seeds from growing into full-blown dandelion flowers.

If you want to stop dandelions from growing, you’ll need to put a pre-emergent on your lawn in late winter.

It is unlikely that this will prevent any dandelion from growing in your garden, and it may take a few years to really work.


You can use herbicide on existing dandelions to kill them, but you’ll need to be very careful not to spray it on any other plants.

The herbicide will normally kill every plant or patch of grass it touches, so this is a risky method unless you buy one specific to dandelions.

Experts recommend choosing a selective herbicide to make sure it only targets dandelions instead of other weeds or plants.

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