How to get seeds to sprout FAST – expert debunks TikTok myth

Gardening: Carol Klein shares newspaper hack

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A TikTok by @creative_explained has got more than 344,000 likes for revealing a shocking gardening hack that involves a seed, a shot glass and a mason jar. chatted to Kate Turner, Gardening Guru at Miracle-Gro, to find out whether this hack is fake or real.

A gardening TikTok that claims to have the perfect hack for encouraging seeds to sprout faster than ever has been met with cynicism, as TikTok users claim it is fake.

The TikToker says: “If you grab a seed and soak it in three percent peroxide for 30 minutes and then grab a shot glass with soil in it and then plant the seed, and then grab a mason jar, turn it upside down and open it, place the shot glass on the cap and then close the lid on the mason jar… about a week after, the seed will sprout and look what happens.”

Supposedly two weeks later, the TikToker comes back on camera and shows how the plant has grown.

He said: “Boom, check it out, my little olive seedling!

“And this is about two weeks later, look at it! It doesn’t even fit in there anymore.

“So if you’re looking to sprout any seed, this is by far the fastest way to do it.”

One person commented: “Maybe this does work, but those are not olive seedlings, those are clippings you stuck into soil that don’t even have roots.”

Someone else added: “Two weeks later? And he’s still wearing that shirt?”

The TikToker confronted the sceptics and pointed out that he filmed the parts of the video on the same day when the process was already complete, using a lemon seed to demonstrate.

Who should we believe? chatted to gardening expert Kate Turner to find out the truth.

Sadly, the majority of this video isn’t true or possible.

Kate explained: “The first part of this video to debunk is that olive plants wouldn’t grow that big within two weeks.

“Olive pits need a lot of preparation before planting and generally take six to eight weeks to grow.”

Not only is the timing wrong, but olive seeds also won’t cope well in the conditions demonstrated.

Kate said: “Olive seeds won’t germinate well in a sealed pot – an entirely closed environment like this would cause them to rot.

“As soon as growth starts, ventilation holes will be needed so that the plant has the oxygen required to grow. I’d recommend using a heated propagator instead.”

The hack isn’t totally untrue though, as it is possible for some other types of seeds to be germinated in a pot.

However, Kate noted: “All seeds will require ventilation as soon as the first bit of green shows because, like humans, plants need oxygen to survive.”

If you want these seeds to germinate, Kate recommends putting damp kitchen paper in a plastic container or jar.

She said: “Then, sow your seeds and cover with cling film that has small holes in.

“Leave it somewhere warm and bright. As soon as they germinate, you can then transfer them to a seed tray with soil.

“If you want to grow seedlings in a jar, I recommend looking into sprouting seeds such as mung beans to grow your own bean sprouts.”

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