How to grow an avocado tree in just 5 easy steps

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Avocados have surged in popularity, perfect for breakfast dishes, salads and sandwiches. While they are easy enough to buy from the supermarket, green-fingered Brits may want to turn their hands and growing their own avocados at home.

Growing avocados is relatively easy to do at home, with the vital ingredient coming from a store-bought avocado.

Cut through any avocado and you’ll reach the pit in the centre – which is exactly what you need to grow your avocado tree.

To properly cut an avocado, you should use a large chef’s knife to cut lengthwise around the avocado.

Twist the two halves to separate them, then use a large spoon to scoop out the avocado from the peel.

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Once you have the avocado stone, you can get started on growing your own avocado tree.

You will need

  • Avocado seed
  • Toothpicks
  • Drinking glass or jar
  • 10-inch pot
  • Potting soil
  • Trowel

1. Once you have your avocado pit, wash off any remaining residue.

Then allow it to dry and add three to four toothpicks halfway up the side of the pit.

2. Place the pit broad end down in a drinking glass or jar so it is suspended.

Then add enough water to the container to cover the bottom of the seed – up to a third.

3. You need to put the glass in a warm area, but not in direct sunlight.

You should also change the water regularly, then you should see roots and a sprout grow in approximately two to six weeks.

If after six weeks you don’t see any growth you should start over with another seed.

4. Once you notice your sprout is approximately six inches tall, you can start to cut it back.

This may seem counterintuitive but cut your sprout back to about three inches tall.

This will then encourage more roots to grow.

5. Your avocado stem should then start to grow again, and once it does plant it in a 10-inch pot.

The pot should be filled with rich potting soil.

If these steps seem too much, you can also buy older trees from garden centres or even online.

To care for your avocado plant, pop it in a sunny spot.

You need to keep the soil moist, so water it lightly but often.

Once fruit begins to grow, pick once it has reached full size and is a lush dark green.

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