How to keep foxes out of the garden – 5 quick and easy deterrents to keep foxes away

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Foxes are an annoyance when it comes to your garden. They like to chew, dig and deposit a lot of smaller animal corpses, leaving you with the task of clearing up their mess. Foxes can even cause unnecessary damage to bins, flowers, hosepipes and your beautiful potted plants and produce. Worry not, though, here are five quick and easy deterrents you can try to keep foxes away from the garden.

Know what they don’t like

You need to understand what foxes can’t stand if you’re to take advantage of this and keep them out of your garden.

One thing will definitely help to make your garden less appealing for foxes to visit.

In general, they hate sudden movement and loud noises, and if you can somehow install flash lighting or a vibration system on your garden, it could be enough to scare them off.

There’s no better way to do the job than using the fox’s natural nervous nature to your advantage and making them feel like it’s unsafe to enter your property.

Clean fox droppings on a regular basis

Even though it sounds unappealing, cleaning fox droppings on a regular basis will help make your garden less familiar to them.

The fact foxes smell their own excrement is common knowledge, coupled with their extremely territorial nature.

So the next time you see a fox leave his or her dropping behind, clean it up as soon as possible.

You can use an arm-length scooper to stop it offending your nostrils.

Make your garden less appealing

You could be unknowingly inviting foxes to enjoy your garden, and ask yourself – ‘am I tidying my outdoor space enough?’

Foxes love being secure, and if you have plenty of hiding spaces in your garden, they will want to settle there.

If you’ve got old furniture or junk lying around the garden, or if the grasses and plants in the garden haven’t been well tended to, make sure to address these problems too.

Foxes are predators, but they enjoy nuts, bread and pet food too, so if you love feeding birds or if you leave unfinished pet food in your garden overnight, these could be some of the reasons why foxes have been invading your garden.

All foxes have a strong sense of smell, the lingering smell of the food itself might be enough to attract them.

If you own animals like chickens and rabbits, make sure their housing is solid, and you can even disguise the smell of these small animals by using clumps of dog hair which you can get from a nearby parlour.

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Attack their sense of smell

Foxes have an impeccable sense of smell, and as previously mentioned, they’re territorial, meaning if you get rid of one you might see the next one in just a day or two.

If they smell their territory, they will immediately settle there, so you should replace the fox-smell from their favourite spots in the garden with other repellant smells.

Doing so will not only help you get rid of the foxes but also prevent their friends from visiting your place in the future.

You can use any fox repellent smell for this step, if you’d like to go for the simplest method.

But foxes also hate the scent of chilli peppers, garlic and capsaicin, products which should mainly be used in the entrance, exit and the fox’s excrement locations.

Switch up the setting

Foxes love and thrive on familiarity, while they are known to hate surprises.

Consider changing the setting in your garden randomly, by moving things here and there.

This will create some chaos and confusion for the foxes, and deter them from coming back in the future. 

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