How to kill moss on your lawn – with baking soda

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Moss becomes a problem for most gardeners at some point and is usually the result of poor growing conditions. Moss is often considered a nuisance weed when its thick mat of tiny green leaves and threadlike stems crop up unexpectedly. Although moss won’t kill your grass, it can leave your lawn looking splotchy and uneven. Getting rid of moss can be easy on the surface, but the underlying cause needs to be addressed if its growth is to be curbed.

How to kill moss on your lawn with baking soda

Baking soda isn’t just for baking – it’s actually something of a miracle product.

Although people know baking soda has a multitude of functions, you may not know you can use it to get rid of moss.

Using baking soda isn’t a long-term solution, however, and you’re going to have to dry out your grass to take care of that.

But there is no doubt that using baking soda is a fast and effective way to get rid of moss in the short term.

Spray method

Start by adding two or three tablespoons of baking soda to one quart (950ml) water in a large container.

Stir gently until the baking soda has completely dissolved, and place the solution into a spray bottle.

Wait for a warm, dry day and thoroughly coat the moss with the baking soda solution.

Take care to avoid spraying nearby plants, including any turf grass, and it’s worth noting repeat applications may be needed to completely kill the moss.

Dry method

For this step, start by sprinkling dry baking soda over moss growing on a hard surface.

Cover the moss literally with the baking soda, and use the dried powder version on deckings and patio furniture.

Brush the moss gently with a broom so that it’s evenly distributed and work it into the moss.

Wait two to three days until the moss dries, becomes golden and flaking starts to occur.

Scrub the dead moss from the area and then rinse it and the baking soda away.

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How to kill moss on your lawn with vinegar

Vinegar, even distilled white vinegar, contains acetic acid that kills weeds and other issues in the garden – including moss.

A solution of vinegar and water is strong enough to kill any moss in your back garden.

Combine one tablespoon of distilled white vinegar with one gallon of cold water.

Apple cider vinegar is perfectly fine to use in this step.

Fill a spray bottle with the water and vinegar solution.

Spray the mixture directly on the mossy area of your lawn, making sure to thoroughly saturate the top of the moss.

Apply more of the solution on a daily basis until the moss has died.

If the solution doesn’t succeed at killing your moss problem, just add more vinegar to the diluted solution.

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