How to make your own weed killer

Killing weeds is an important part of caring for your garden, since out of control weeds will kill your plants. You can buy a weed killer, but making your own is one way to keep the natural world safe in the process. Not only are chemical weed killers toxic to wildlife, they are also toxic to pets and children. reveals how to make your own weed killer from ingredients you probably have at home.

You need

  • 400ml of white distilled vinegar
  • One lemon
  • 2 tsp washing up liquid
  • A spray bottle
  • 30ml surgical solution

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Step one

Pour 400ml of horticultural vinegar into a large spray bottle.

Vinegar is full of acetic acid, which will kill small, young weeds with a few leaves.

Before using vinegar on weeds check the pH of your soil because vinegar will raise the acidity of your soil.

Different plants thrive in different soils, so this may cause the plants in this area to perish.

Avoid using vinegar near your lawn or near plants, because vinegar will kill any plant it comes into contact with.

Step two

Add two to three tbsp of lemon juice to the bottle.

You can buy lemon juice concentrate, or freshly squeeze the lemon yourself.

Lemon juice contains lots of citric acid which works well on weeds when combined with white vinegar.

The citric acid will have a burning effect when used on weeds but is more effective when used with vinegar.

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Step three

Add one to two tsp of washing up liquid if you are trying to weeds with a waxy coating such as dandelions and crabgrass.

You can use washing up liquid or dishwasher detergent in liquid or powder form.

Vinegar and lemon juice won’t be able to penetrate the outer layer of these plants, and the solution will just get stuck to the leaves.

Washing up liquid will allow the vinegar and lemon mixture to work its magic on these plants.

If you don’t need to treat these fluffy plants, add 30ml surgical spirit into the mixture instead of washing up liquid.

Step four

Dilute the solution with an equal amount of water, otherwise, the mixture will be too strong.

This will ensure you don’t upset the area where it is used or disturb important microorganisms in the soi.

Step five

Spray the mixture on the weeds, and watch the results for 24 hours.

You can apply more if needed, but you probably won’t need to.

Be careful, because the solution will kill any plant it touches including grass.

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