How to protect your garden from strong winds: Jobs to do NOW to avoid plant damage

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Gardens require plenty of upkeep throughout the spring and summer months to make it look appealing. But all of your good work could be undone within a few hours during a particularly strong storm. But rest assured, you can still protect your plants from extreme winds.

Every amateur gardener needs to regularly water and trim their plants to help their little oasis flourish.

But, even the best gardeners are held to the whims of Mother Nature, and bad weather can be your worst enemy.

Hot temperatures mean you’ll need to water your plants more often, and frost might require you to cover some of your weaker greenery.

But, strong winds often go under the radar for gardeners, resulting in badly damaged plants and flowers.

You can still protect your garden from forecasted gales, however.

Firstly, you should make sure to remove any debris in the garden that could catch the wind and smash into your plants.

Then, peg down any garden fleeces or nettings so they don’t fly away.

It only takes one loose corner for the wind to get in and uproot the whole thing.

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Gardening website Grow Veg said: “Climbing plants should be securely tied at regular intervals to sturdy supports so wind can’t get any purchase on them.

“If severe wind is forecast and you are worried about climbers snapping, consider untying them from their supports and carefully laying them on the ground, out of harm’s way, until the storm has passed.

“You may be better off cutting back particularly lofty herbaceous perennials that are already done for the season.

“Most will be absolutely fine left to their own devices, but newly planted ornamentals that aren’t yet well-rooted may rock back and forth so much they loosen from the ground.”

If you’ve got any branches that overhang your garden, you might want to consider pruning them now.

Strong winds can cause branches to snap, and anything below will take the impact.

This is particularly important for anyone with a greenhouse or vegetable patch in their garden.

Regularly cutting back branches in the winter time should prevent it from ever being a problem.

But, to really protect against strong winds, it’s best to always plan for the future.

Permeable windbreaks help to slow down the wind, which makes a remarkable difference to the protection of your] garden.

Hedges and bushes around the outside of your garden make the perfect windbreak.

Don’t forget to plant your flowers with regular intervals too, to help them grow more strongly.

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