How to stop fence panels rattling – 2 easy DIY hacks to solve the problem

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If you’re a light sleeper, the most gentle noises will wake you up at night. Fence rattling is much louder than you’d think, and it’s nonsensical to put up with the irritating sound when it could be fixed really easily. chatted to DIY and upcycling expert for ITV’s This Morning, Georgina Burnett (also known as The Home Genie), to find out how to stop fence panels rattling.

Fence rattling is really irritating, but it’s not necessarily a bad sign if your fences are making noises in the wind.

DIY expert Georgina explained: “Fence rattling is a common complaint, but it does indicate the wind is able to pass through.

“This can mean your fence is more likely to withstand gusts of wind without falling over or splitting.”

Even though fence rattling is the sign of sturdy fence panels, nobody wants to deal with that annoying sound whenever it’s slightly windy outside.

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You don’t need to tear down your fence and build a new one to fix the problem, it’s much simpler than that.

Georgina has revealed two tricks to beating fence rattling, and you’ll be amazed how quickly you can solve the irritating problem.

Fixing fence rattling won’t cost you a fortune, and you don’t even need to hire an expert to sort it out.

Georgina said: “There are products on the market like fence clips and wedges, which reduce movement.”

You can pick up fence clips and wedges in DIY stores and online for about £10 and slot them on to secure the panels.

While these cheap DIY solutions might do the trick for some, others have found a fault in the wedges and clips.

Georgina explained: “Some complain these wedges and clips don’t allow for the expansion of wood through the seasons though.”

This means they will fit the fence in the summer but not the winter and vice versa, and they may even break with the change of seasons.

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Don’t worry, you can create your own short-term solution with some newspaper.

Georgina said: “For more of a DIY option, you could run a line of silicone on the inside of the post or use rolled-up newspaper to wedge in the gaps and camouflage it by painting the same colour as the fence.

“This will need replacing though as the elements are likely to degrade it over time.”

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