How to update your garden this Autumn: Top picks for a seasonal update to your space

Alan Titchmarsh takes a look at garden roofs

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Updating your garden to suit the weather is easily done with the right materials, strategically placed furniture and planting seasonal blooms to fill your garden with colour through the colder months. Whether you’re in need of a new fire pit to keep you warm or a sturdy furniture set to see you through until the summer – have searched for the top 10 must – have garden features, from sofas to plant pots for a seasonal refresh in your garden this September.

Create a cosy-corner

Fire pits, chimineas and outdoor log burners are a cosy addition to any garden – especially as the temperature drops.

Enjoying your outdoor space alone or with friends and family is that much better with crackling amber flames and a comfy seat – but what are the best fire pits to get your money’s worth of warmth this winter?

Choosing the right fire pit for your budget is easier than you may think, with a wide range of items to suit any price range.

Purchasing a fire-feature for your cosy corner is simple for any price range, with items costing as little as £30 for a simple metal coal pit, and as much as £1,150 for a premium look of granite, ceramic or copper.

Style your warming outdoor spot with a range of products to fit your al-fresco aesthetic – such as the B&Q ‘La Hacienda Fire basket Steel Fire Pit’ for under £30, or the Homebase ‘Volantis Retro Style Durable Steel Fireplace’ for a pricier, more vintage look.

Stacking logs in gaps between garden-walls makes for a tactile display – add an outdoor side table and container plant to complete your fireside corner.

Stylish shelter

If your garden is prone to a strong breeze and is open to elements, add your own shelter for an added touch of cosiness and protection from the harsher weather.
Creating a ‘faux ceiling’ in your outdoor space can add an edge of warmth if a fire pit isn’t an option or you’re looking for some extra protection.

Opt for durable, all-weather fabrics to keep your autumn garden retreat from any drizzle and or unexpected downpours while creating a dry and inviting spot beneath.

You can DIY this look using high-density polyester fabrics with side strapping for best results in corners of your garden.

Overhanging parasols are a good option, though they can be expensive to buy brand new – if you’re not on a tight budget, take a look at the Lux LED Parasol in light grey from Barker and Stonehouse which is currently on sale, reduced by £250.

Weather-safe seating

Choosing garden furniture that can be left outside all year round makes for a low-maintenance, yet comfy garden layout.

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Rattan sofas with removable cushions are not a cheap option but a timeless classic which will pay off as a long-term investment in your outdoor living space.

Corner styles or circular sets are ideal if you need to create shelter with durable fabrics or use a parasol as a wind or rain shade while relaxing in the fresh evening air.

The Homebase ‘Florence 6 Seater Garden Dining Set’ is a classic and compact design, voted best circular outdoor dining set of 2021 by Real Homes.

Seasonal savings

While it may be time to invest in durable, weather-proof furniture for your garden, updating your outdoor space doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Adding the finishing touches to your garden can be as simple as a string of LED lights or DIY hanging lanterns filled with tealights.

White or warm lights will look effortless strung across fencing, wrapped around a parasol pole or scattered across a table.

At Dobbies Garden Centre you can purchase ‘200 Warm White Firefly String LED Lights’ for under £20 – or try Lighting Direct’s ‘Eureka Retro Solar LED String Lights’ for £23.

Repurpose jam jars by filling with tealights and place them on an array of small tables around your garden. Fill with autumnal tealights like pumpkin spice when you’re in your garden in the evening for a subtle seasonal scent as you walk past.

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