How to water plants while you’re on holiday – three easy hacks to avoid a wilted garden

Royal Horticultural Society give tips on watering plants

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Watering plants is essential for maintaining a healthy, green garden – but you’ve got the find the right balance between not watering enough, and not over-watering. That’s made even more difficult if you’re not at home to regularly give your garden a drink of water.

All plants need plenty of water to make sure they grow properly.

During a heatwave, your garden might become your ideal oasis for relaxation, and maybe even a spot of sunbathing.

But while the warm temperatures are ideal for catching a tan, they can cause havoc on your plants.

If you’re not at home for a prolonged period of time over the summer, you can still keep your plants hydrated with these three easy hacks.

Horticulturist David Domoney wrote on his website: “No matter how long your holiday will be, there are methods to use to keep your plants healthy until your return home.

“Many can even be done using recycled materials from around the house – so there’s no need to break the bank.

“The first thing to do, no matter which method you use, is to give all your plants a thorough watering before you begin.

“Soak pots, containers and hanging baskets at the plant base until the water rises above the soil. Allow this to soak in and then repeat.”

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Plastic bottle hack

To keep your plants watered while you’re away, collect a few large, empty plastic bottles.

Poke two holes at the bottom, and three to five holes on the side of the bottle.

Dig a big hole next to your plant, and place the bottle inside, making sure the lid is at the top. Cover the bottle with soil so only the top is showing.

Once you’re sure the bottle is steady, fill it with water and lightly put the cap back on the bottle.

After a few hours, check back and see how much water has disappeared. If too much has gone already, screw the cap on slightly tighter. If not enough water has gone, unscrew it a little.

String hack

Fill a large cup with water, and place it next to your plant, making sure it’s not in direct sunlight.

Cut some string into 50cm lengths, and place one end into the water container, making sure it touches the bottom.

Push the other end of the string into the soil, toward the base of the plant.

Place some duct tape on top of the water container to stop evaporation, and the liquid will slowly filter through the string to keep the soil moist.

Wine bottle hack

Wash out an old wine bottle, and fill it up with water – right up to the top.

Dig a large hole next to your plant, making sure it’s deep enough to hold the bottle steady.

Then, pop your thumb over the top of the wine bottle, and flip it over.

Bury the bottle in the hole, making sure the top is facing down.

The water should seep out into the soil, keeping it nice and moist for the days you’re away.

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