Humiliation, an overdose and bitter fights: 8 huge Home and Away spoilers

This week on Home and Away, a few relationships are on the rocks after some news comes to light. Chloe (Sam Barrett) is subject to an embarrassing dismissal at Salt – which could have been prevented if Ryder (Lukas Radovich) had done the job himself discreetly. As a result, the couple struggle to see eye to eye in the aftermath.

Dean (Patrick O’Connor) and Amber (Madeleine Jevic) are also in trouble, as are Tane (Ethan Browne) and Ziggy (Sophie Dillman). After Mac (Emily Weir) makes it clear that Amber could be second best to Ziggy for Dean, Amber begins to plant seeds of doubt in Tane’s mind about how solid his relationship with Ziggy is. The result? Two couples who begin questioning whether they should be together.

Here’s the lowdown on what’s coming up on Home and Away from Monday, 24 May.

Chloe and Ryder on the rocks after public humiliation

Ryder is thrilled to be promoted – but when Mac tells him he needs to fire Chloe as part of the reshuffle, he can’t justify doing it without a good reason. However, much as he tries to stall getting the job done, Mac has other ideas and comes into Salt without warning. Mac realises Ryder hasn’t followed through on his promise and swiftly tells Chloe she’s no longer needed. Chloe is heartbroken and humiliated – which is made worse when she realises Ryder knew all along. She storms away and refuses to speak with Ryder – how will he make it up to her?

Justin overdoses after struggling with back pain

Justin begins to panic when he runs out of his pain medication and realises he doesn’t have a repeat prescription anywhere. When his doctor reveals he can’t see him for a week, he frantically rings around the area until he finds one who can give him what he needs. Later, after experiencing a wave of severe back pain, he decides to over medicate – but he soon begins to regret that decision when his health takes a turn for the worse…

Irene gets in a fight with newcomer Gus

Irene has been stuck with the task of looking after the gold sponsor for the surf competition, Gus. However, while she does her best to be polite, Gus quickly turns her stomach after he noisily chews down huge amounts of food and makes it clear he just saw the investment as a tax write-off. When he begins to badmouth John, saying he was a fool for thinking he could get a woman like Susie, Irene steps in to stick up for her friend and sparks fly…

The surf comp winners are revealed

Dean has been feeling the pressure from Jai to win the surf competition so they can go to Movie World, but he does his best when his heat comes up with his son cheering on from the sidelines. However, Amber is concerned when Ziggy talks about the plans she’d had when they were together for them to attend competitions together. When Dean and Ziggy are crowned the winners, Amber asks Tane if he believes his relationship is really that solid as the old couple embrace on stage and look a little too close…

Tane has some difficult questions for Ziggy

After a worried Amber has some choice questions for Tane about the state of his relationship with Ziggy, he is compelled to confront her and ask – why did she break up with Dean? The question is the last one Ziggy was expecting, and she refuses to provide details, much to Tane’s concern and frustration. To make matters worse, Tane begins digging around and asks Bella if she knows anything. Bella is scared by the sudden focus on the past – is Tane about to find out the truth about Dean, Colby and Ross?

Jasmine is torn over attending Lewis’s sentencing

After spending a few days alone, Jasmine goes back out in public and reveals to Irene and Marilyn that Lewis’s lawyer called. The psychiatric evaluation is over and there’s no need for a trial as Lewis confessed to not only attempting Christian’s murder, but killing three patients in the hospital who were under the neurosurgeon’s care. Struggling to comprehend the fact Lewis is a serial killer, Jasmine’s feelings for him linger and she wonders – is it healthy for her to consider attending the sentencing?

Nikau gets roped into a nightmare lunch

Nikau is bemused and frustrated by the modelling agency persisting in their attempts to get hold of him. He tries to avoid his phone and focus on Bella, who is concerned by Tane suddenly asking questions about Dean and Ziggy’s breakup. However, Bella says Nik needs to reply to his calls and emails at some point. To her surprise, Nik later reveals he’s set up a lunch with them, and she says that’s only going to make it harder for him to say no if it’s in person…

Christian’s attitude to Lewis’ crimes surprises Tori

Christian returns home from hospital after recovering from the trauma with Lewis, where he was injected with a lethal substance and had his heart stop before Tori saved his life. While Tori is treating her fiance like fragile glass, he is in surprisingly good spirits. Although Tori is full of anger towards Lewis and Jasmine, she is stunned when Christian asks how Jasmine is doing and expresses sympathy for Lewis. The neurosurgeon seems unable to hold Lewis’s crime against him, instead saying it’s clear the guy had some serious problems to work through. Can Tori deal with Christian’s unusual approach?

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