“I used my home of Madagascar to inspire a tropical renovation of my Brighton rental”

Written by Megan Murray

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This week’s renovation journey sees Sisi of Home With Sisi transform her rental with bright colours and a tropical vibe.

From experimental paint trends like scallop borders and accent corners, to unlikely colour combinations, as recommended by indie paint brand Pickleson Paint, the world of interiors is being overtaken with colour right now.

And there’s a reason that these colourful, creative and joy-giving trends are reaching fever pitch – it’s all thanks to interiors infleuncers like Home With Sisi, who aren’t afraid to push the boundaries of design and show the rest of us how it’s done. 

So, meet the woman behind the account: Sisi Alfred, the 26-year-old freelance stylist and linguist who is proves that renting doesn’t have to mean white walls.

“As soon as I walked into my flat while doing a viewing with an estate agent, the first thing I thought was: ‘these walls are too white for my liking!’,” Sisi playfully recalls to Stylist.co.uk

“In fact, as soon as I registered my interest in the property I made it a priority to ask the landlord if I would be able to paint it up, otherwise I don’t think I could have moved in!”

She lives in Brighton, an area known for its beautiful Victorian building with ornate, creamy facades, which is exactly what Sisi has managed to bag for herself. 

“I live in a beautiful, newly-renovated mansion with modern touches. It was once a doctor’s surgery and has a spacious layout. I could see that there was plenty of potential in it from the beginning,” Sisi explains. 

While living here, Sisi has worked hard to inject her personality into the place and just a quick scroll through her Instagram shows that she’s done an incredible job.

What is your biggest source of decor inspiration?

“I am originally from Madagascar which is a tropical island so I would say my culture is my number one inspiration. 

“I use bright colours, bold patterns, lots of textiles and houseplants to bring a vibrant, eclectic, maximalist-cum-bohemian vibe. My style also reflects my personality and I use it as a way to express myself. The decor is like art in itself.”

Best DIY hack?

“My proudest DIY moment was creating my shelving unit. It was a piece of Ikea furniture that was originally black so I went ahead and painted it gold and added some white marble vinyl. 

“I then styled it with my most precious accessories. I think home accessories are such an easy way to add personality, especially if like me you live in a rental. Everyone can do it.”

Do you have a favourite room?

“My favourite room is definitely my living room. It is such a colourful and uplifting area. There is so much to look at and I love that everything you see has a meaning to me. It’s like a little Sisi nook!”

Sisi’s favourite interiors Instagram accounts to follow:

  • Sarah Caligiuri

    “I love following Sarah Caligiuri. Her colourful sanctuary always makes me smile and Sarah is such an amazing Insta friend. 

    “She loves her community and she’s always showing love and support.”

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  • Kelly Collins

    “Another account that I like to follow is Kelly Collins. 

    “Again her tropical boho vibe is super uplifting and she’s always up for sharing her tips. I just love the way she uses colour.”

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  • Geri

    “I also love to follow Geri from @overatno18. She shares the most colourful, cheerful shots and also has amazing DIY and hacks to share.”

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Sisi’s go-to homeware brands:

  • Peachy Parrot

    “I absolutely adore Peachy Parrot. The brand is founded by Sarah Bevans and her beautiful and unique furnishings are one of a kind. 

    “Everything is ethically handmade in India and, I always say this to Sarah, but her pieces reminds me so much of my home.”

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  • Oh So Daisy

    “Oh So Daisy is another favourite homeware brand of mine. The founder, Kelly, designs the most gorgeous botanical prints. I actually have several of her prints in my home. 

    “I just love how she celebrates life with colours, wild animals and plants whilst delivering powerful messages.”

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  • Osime Home

    I would also really recommend homeware enthusiasts to check out Osime Home. These handmade homeware pieces are inspired by west Africa which is something I’m passionate about.

    “The colourful pieces bring such a statement to any decor.”

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Images: Home With Sisi

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