Inside Adrian Grenier's 'Beautiful' Brooklyn Brownstone He Designed for His Mom

Adrian Grenier is keeping his latest project in the family!

The actor and environmental activist recently completed an extensive makeover on a Brooklyn brownstone for his mom — and made sure every element was eco-friendly.

"This home was intended for my mother to live closer to me," the Entourage alum, 44, explains in the exclusive video tour above of his plans for his mom, Karesse. "But of course, if we build a home for my mom it has to embody all of the values she instilled in me. So we took great care to make sure that we were reclaiming, recycling and upcycling, because she raised me to be an environmentalist."

The actor modernized the layout of the traditional brownstone to create an open concept on the main parlor floor, including a kitchen that flows seamlessly into the living and dining spaces on either end.

"This has got to be my favorite room. It's light, airy, bright, just positive energy. When you're in this room, it does, it feels good," he says.

The star teamed up with West Elm, which offers a line focussed on sustainability, to furnish the home. The brand's Paulo bent ply leather chair, Harmony sofa and Hayes 6-light chandelier can be found in the cozy living room.

At the back of the main space, their Tanner table is the centerpiece of the light-filled dining area and the Alden stools offer counter seating at the spacious stone island.

"To be able to bring sustainability to the masses with companies like West Elm, where you have a product line that is sustainable, that's a great thing because now you're reaching a wider swathe of people," he says.

Grenier has been working on the restoration for several years with an eye towards going as eco as possible. Some of the historic property's building materials include denim insulation made from recycled jeans, floorboards repurposed from the original wall beams, and cabinetry created only from wood that is certified as sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

"I think honoring the history is part of what sustainability is," says Grenier. "We wanted to be able to bring some of that history and keep it and preserve it, but also update it."

But the house project is far from his only earth-saving endeavor.

"Sustainability isn't a prescriptive list of to-dos: do this and that and then you're done. It's a lifestyle," says Grenier, who co-founded the Lonely Whale foundation — an organization dedicated to improving the world's oceans through movements like The Strawless Ocean. "You don't have to hold the weight of the world on your shoulders. It's how you work with others to achieve those goals."

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