Inside the Below Deck crew’s incredible homes: Captain Lee, Bugsy Drake & more

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All aboard Below Deck fans! If you're anything like us, you've probably been binge-watching the hit reality series that follows the personal and professional lives of crew members working onboard a mega-yacht during charting season. Although the stars may spend most of their time at sea, we presume they enjoy some off-duty downtime in their homes away from the endless laundry, table service, demanding guests and crew drama.

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If you're wondering how luxury life is for the yachties when they're not onboard a 184ft mega yacht, you're in the right place. From Captain Lee's glorious Florida home to ex-Chief Stew Hannah's lavish Australian condo, read on to discover the amazing homes of the Below Deck cast members…

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Hannah Ferrier


Remembered for her fiery exit on Below Deck: Mediterranean after being fired by Captain Sandy, Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier has since hung up her epaulettes in exchange for motherhood. Taking to Instagram to share her baby daughter Ava's renovated nursery, the new mum often shares glimpses of her lavish condo in Sydney, Australia.


In a recent Instagram post of her adorable daughter, Hannah wrote "I know it's all I post these days but she's kind of my whole life and she's pretty damn cute" whilst posing with her little one in her spacious, open-plan kitchen.

Captain Sandy Yawn


Another favourite crew member from Below Deck: Mediterranean is Captain Sandy Yawn, who currently resides in Denver, Colorado with her partner Leah Shafer. In an interview with Bravo, Sandy said she relocated from Los Angeles to be with Leah. "I moved here for love." How sweet!


Sandy's apartment is full of interesting and meaningful décor, from a wall decorated with motorcycle helmets to multiple keyboards displayed in front of the window, nearly every inch of Sandy's living room gives insight into her and girlfriend Leah Shafer's unique hobbies and interests.

Captain Lee Rosbach

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The Below Deck captain wasn't quite ready to give up his taste on luxury onboard, and has since created his very own tropical-themed paradise at his idyllic Florida home.

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The 70-year-old lives with his wife Mary Ann, who enjoys their poolside retreat complete with rattan garden furniture, vibrant décor, and lush greenery.

Eddie Lucas


Below Deck OG Eddie Lucas began his journey as a deckhand before returning five years later as Bosun in the latest season to land on our screens. The hilarious crew member known for his witty one-liners and comedic moments spends his time in Baltimore, Maryland when he's not at sea.

As Eddie spoke about the drama of the season to Bravo TV, he gave a glimpse of his lavish living room and taste in interior design – he sat next to a towering bookcase and was surrounded by lush plants and hanging art.

Bugsy Drake


Yachting queen and iconic Below Deck Med alum Bugsy Drake hasn't given up her life at sea just yet – is she not sick of those on-board bunk beds? The glamorous South African beauty is currently residing in the Bahamas, taking to Instagram to share her stunning 'tablescaping' onboard what appears to be yet another luxury yacht.


In a recent Instagram post for Mother's Day, Bugsy hinted that she's missing her home life in SA, writing: "So hard to think we have been separated for over a year and a half and I would truly do anything to give you the biggest squeeze right now!!"

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Ben Robinson


Chef Ben knows how to cook up a storm, so it's no wonder his kitchen at home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is the perfect set up for his Instagram cooking tutorials. Despite originally being from Oxford, the chef moved to the US after almost a decade in yachting.


His luxe kitchen is equipped with white countertops and matching cupboards, and a grand marble island ideal for entertaining and finessing his food presentation.

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