Inside ‘Underground House Plan B,’ a socially distanced, survivalist bunker home that you’d want to live in even if the world doesn’t come to an end

Plan B Bunker Concept - Sergey Makhno Architects

  • A design concept for a subterranean doomsday shelter is reimagining the future of apocalypse-proof living.
  • Called "Underground House Plan B," the flying-saucer-shaped bunker combines high-security systems like a fireproof evacuation ring with the comforts of a modern, above-ground home. 
  • Plan B uses LED lights, image projections, and greenery to make the residents feel as if they could step outside.
  • Plan B is the brainchild of Kyiv-based Sergey Makhno Architects and was designed to comfortably fit two to three families plus staff.
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A design for a subterranean doomsday shelter combines security with the comforts of an above-ground home.

Though currently just a concept, Ukraine-based studio Sergey Makhno Architects will work with contractors to develop systems in detail if the design enters the project phase.

Called "Underground House Plan B," the autonomous concrete bunker is shaped like a flying saucer and comes with a rooftop helipad.

Once inside, residents will be fully protected from outside disasters thanks to a closed ventilation system, medical treatment room, and fire-resistant evacuation ring accessible from almost anywhere in the home.

To enter the bunker, residents must first pass through a disinfection shield.

From there, spiral staircases and an elevator lead to the living space 50 feet below ground.

In lieu of windows, the bunker uses LED lights to mimic sunlight. It also incorporates materials like stone and wood to evoke the outside world.

Through these design elements, Sergey Makhno Architects wants "to create the illusion of being above the surface — as if you could look out the window and see the blue sky," the studio said.

As is, Plan B can accommodate two to three families with children, plus staff and their children, though the design could be adapted to accommodate more people.

The two master bedrooms each come with storage space and a bathroom.

One master bedroom faces a vine-draped wall that looks as if it's lit by a skylight.

Another faces a stone garden and light projection wall, which can depict everything from mountains and trees to a city street.

"We sought to create a space in which we would like to live, even when there is no apocalypse," architect Maryna Hrechko said.

Residents can exercise on fitness bikes in the gym …

… or take a dip in the indoor pool that replicates the experience of "swimming in the night sea."

For entertainment, there is a film nook with a large couch and 5D sound system.

There's even a dedicated dog park.

If residents miss the changing light and seasons, they can step inside this circular meditation room where light schemes transition from rosy morning clouds …

… to full moon and starry nightscapes.

A garden with phyto lamps allows residents to grow vegetables and fruits …

… which they can prepare in the professional-grade kitchen. The bunker would also come with a large food storage system, water treatment system, generator, and well.

"Whatever happens on the Earth's surface, life in Plan B will continue," the studio said.

Editor's note: An earlier version of this article published July 8, 2020, on Business Insider.

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