Inside Victoria and David Beckham’s jaw-dropping kitchen at £31million London home

Victoria and David Beckham might have been isolating at their second home in the Cotswolds, but they also have a £31million house in London, which they are likely to return to now that coronavirus lockdown measures are easing. The couple have shared several glimpses inside the property since moving in, and it’s their kitchen that we can’t get enough of.

WATCH: Victoria Beckham shares rare video inside stunning Cotswolds home

Victoria previously shared a photo of David in the space, showing off a matte black and cream colour scheme with open wooden shelving. The image also revealed various state of the art appliances including an enormous AGA, a Dualit toaster and a flatscreen TV mounted on the wall.

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Shortly after, Victoria posted a picture of herself in the room, revealing an island with wooden worktops in the middle, and black leather stools with wooden legs. The floor is also wooden.

When Victoria and Romeo shared a video on TikTok, they showed off even more of their kitchen. The matte black cupboards span the height of the floor to the ceiling, and there is a selection of bronze and silver saucepans hanging above the island unit. Naturally, it looks as though they also have their very own personal chef, who was seen making a meal for the family in the background.

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A close-up of their AGA (which retails from £12,785), also showed off various concrete and marble kitchenware, including mixing bowls and jugs. They also have a double sink unit with two bronze metallic taps.

The island unit also has an additional oven, as well as their AGA, which David has previously used to cook a homemade pie. The worktops on the cupboards that frame the room are grey marble.

Victoria and David spent an estimated £8million on renovation work at the home in 2016, and as well as their impressive kitchen, they also have their own gym, wine cellar and even separate quarters for their eldest son Brooklyn to live in.

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