‘It can be done!’ Gardening pro explains what Britons can plant now

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Mr Plant Geek, whose real name is Michael Perry, is Rowse Honey’s gardening expert. The plant pro spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about what you can be planting in your garden now. The warm weather in midsummer can make it difficult to plant out new blooms.

However, Mr Plant Geek has assured us that there is still plenty you can do in the coming weeks.

Mr Plant Geek is also working with honey brand Rowse to spearhead positive change for the bees through Hives For Lives – a program of vital initiatives that protects the bees and improves livelihoods through beekeeping.

Together with its partners, Rowse is spotlighting the critical role bees play, from maintaining biodiversity to food production.

And in turn, the vital role we can play in saving these important pollinators.

Planting certain species now and ensuring they are well-maintained is also integral to pollinators’ survival.

So what can you do in your garden now?

“It’s hot. It’s midsummer so it’s a difficult time to plant things,” Michael explained.

But you can still plant species in your borders and garden, you just need to ensure you keep them well-watered in the warmer temperatures.

He continued: “So if people are going to plant into borders – it can be done – but they’re going to need to be prepared to water in those plants to make sure they establish really well.

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“Of course, people can plant stuff into containers.

“Containers still need watering but I find that people are more inclined to water containers than they are the border and outside.

“You would buy a lot of plants that are more developed in bud, in flower.”

However, if you know you’re not the most fastidious plant waterer, then you may be better off waiting a couple of months and making plans for the autumn months.

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“Autumn is a really good time to plant anything that is bare root,” Mr Plant Geek said.

Bare root plants consist of “raw materials” and don’t have any growth on the top.

The gardening expert said these plants will “establish better” when planted in the autumn.

Some examples of these bare root plants include fruit trees, shrubs or plants that provide berries.

He added: “There’s a few things you can do now but you can also plan in the autumn and then have even more lovely blooms this time next year in your garden.”

If you’re also looking to help keep your pollinators buzzing around the garden throughout the year, Rowse Honey have created a planting and flowering calendar.

The calendar tells you which flowers to plant when and how they’re beneficial for pollinators.

Michael said: ”Nectar is not just for summer… bees and other pollinating insects will be on the hunt at other times of year too!

“Spring nectar sources can help pollinators to refuel after their hibernation period, and in autumn it can help them to build energy reserves for the winter months.

“Be sure to plant with the widest range of blooming periods in mind, so the wildlife never goes hungry.”

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