ITV This Morning’s Daisy Payne shares ‘easy’ hack for sowing spinach on your window sill

This Morning: Daisy Payne shares tips for planting spinach

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As summer comes to an end, September is the perfect time to prepare your garden for the cooler months ahead. This Morning gardening expert Daisy Payne shared a plethora of September tasks gardeners can do now to keep their outdoor space looking vibrant. While the weather may be on the damp side today, Daisy said we “shouldn’t complain” because the rain is “good for the garden”.

“I’m going to share some great things you can do in your garden this September,” she said.

September is usually the month where gardeners will find themselves harvesting their crops.

However, Daisy explained that you can sow spinach seeds now which will produce leaves in the next few weeks.

She said: “You can also sow some spinach right now in lovely trays like this one.

“You can sow them even on a window sill.

“You get a lovely little bag of seeds like this.

“Pop them in a row and they will be juicy and great in salads in a couple of weeks’ time.”

Daisy had a shallow seed tray full of damp compost.

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She dropped the seeds individually in rows up and down the tray.

Holly said sowing spinach seeds looked “easy” and that she was planning to “give it a try”.

She said: “You’ve made that look very easy. I will try it!”

Daisy also shared some tips for planting bulbs.

She said: “September onwards is all about planting up those bulbs for spring.”

If you’re not a fan of getting your hands dirty when planting bulbs, Daisy shared her “favourite tool” for planting up spring bulbs which will keep your fingers mud-free.

“It’s so cool, it’s so easy, it gives you no reason not to try it.

“It’s from the garden centre and it’s really simple if you want to plant up bulbs in your borders.

“Simply pop your bulb planter in, it holds the soil for you and put your bulb [into the hole] pointy-side up.

“If you’re ever not sure which way to plant your bulb, don’t worry, you can pop it in on the side if you’re not sure and it will find its way – they’re very clever.

“Then you simply release your soil and on it goes.

“All you need to do is remember where you’ve planted your bulbs.”

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