Jonathan Scott Announces His First-Ever Documentary Film and Zooey Deschanel Is 'So Proud'

Jonathan Scott is ready to join the fight for clean energy, and he’s doing so with the launch of his first-ever documentary film, titled Jonathan Scott’s Power Trip

The Property Brothers star, 42, announced his new project on Instagram on Thursday, sharing a trailer for the film, which he stars in, directed, produced and wrote. 

“This is a story about corruption that I fell into, but quickly learned that it needs to be told,” he explained in the caption. “I invested three years of my life to help people understand where our energy comes from, why it matters, and who is trying to take away your rights. My hope is it helps us come together and work for a better energy future for all.”

The investigative documentary will premiere on PBS’s Independent Lens on November 16 at 10/9c, and will be Scott’s directorial debut. 

“I’m so proud!!!” Zooey Deschanel, the star's girlfriend of over a year, wrote in the comments section.

In the trailer, the HGTV star explains that his inspiration for this project came when he decided to power his own home using solar energy, discovering that there is an ongoing “battle over the future of energy in America” — and, he says, that there are significant human and environmental costs associated with the monopolized energy model currently in place.

“I had no idea that a simple solar install would become a search for truth,” he says. 

The documentary will follow Scott as he travels across the United States meeting with people on both sides of the energy industry — visiting coal mines, utility companies, power plants and everyday homes — confronting those at the root of the issue and fighting for change along the way. 

Jonathan Scott’s Power Trip will infuriate, enrage, and compel you to take action to make solar energy a global reality,” the documentary website reads. 

“This is about people, this is about their lives,” Scott says to conclude the trailer. “Our health has been compromised, our rights have been taken away, but it’s not too late to fight back. When it comes to energy freedom, this country has a long, long way to go.”Jonathan Scott’s Power Trip premieres November 16 at 10/9c on PBS, and will be streamable on the PBS website.

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