‘Keep weeds under control!’ Gardening expert shares natural pest and weed control

Monty Don gives advice on how to keep weeds 'under control'

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Experts at Gardening Express.co.uk have shared a natural hack for keeping weeds at bay and controlling pests that can potentially devastate gardens. Weeds and pests can destroy gardens and make them look unsightly if left. The gardening site suggested making your garden more “bird-friendly”.

Birds feed on pests and can also eat seeds dispersed by weeds.

Gardening Express have shared small changes you can make to your garden so wildlife like birds can thrive.

The garden experts have recommended putting plants that produce berries and seeds into your garden to help encourage birds which will help eradicate weeds and pests.

A spokesperson from GardeningExpress.co.uk said: “Birds are great to have flying around and living in your garden.

“For a start, they are pretty to look at and bring a beautiful song with them.

“They can also help control pests that are attacking plants and can keep weeds under control by eating their seeds before they start to root in the garden.

“Wildlife-friendly gardens don’t have to be wild and overgrown.

“Thoughtful gardeners can plant a range of plants and shrubs to benefit birdlife.”

Here are some tips for encouraging birds into your garden:

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Shrubs and hedges

Birds like shrubs, hedges and trees with sturdy branches so they can nest.

Certain birds will build their nests differently but they all need structure and cover to help build a decent nest.

Birds especially need over to protect themselves and babies from predators.


Shrubs that flower often produce nectar-rich blooms that attract insects.

Birds will eat those insects over the spring and summer.

One of the best choices for birds is sunflowers because they have large seed heads.

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If you don’t have enough room for shrubs or hedges, then you can put some wooden bird boxes in your garden which will help provide shelter.

The boxes will become a breeding ground in the spring and summer.


Birds love berries so it’s particularly important when the temperature drops that birds build their fat reserves.

Shrubs like cotoneaster, pyracantha and berberis are especially good.

Holly, hawthorn, honeysuckle and ivy are easy to look after and will feed birds during their most difficult food gathering months.


Birds can’t always find food so helping them out won’t go amiss.

Once you put food out, birds will start to appear regularly.

Fat blocks, pre-made bird mixes and kitchen titbits like fruit, bacon and cheese are all great for birds.

Make sure you remove unwanted food as this could attract flies and rats.

Check out Gardening Express for more information.

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