Lauren Bushnell & Chris Lane Show Off Their Bedroom 'Retreat' in Nashville: We're 'Very Blessed'

Before he met his wife, Chris Lane was crooning about looking for a girl he could take back home. Now, not only has he married the love of his life, Lauren Bushnell Lane — but they’ve also designed the perfect home to go back to, together. 

The country star, 35, and the Bachelor alum, 30, purchased their first property together in Nashville, Tennessee, in August 2019. The pair had gotten engaged in June after dating for less than a year, and were married in October 2019.

After quarantining in Nashville throughout the coronavirus pandemic, the couple says they’ve had plenty of time to make their new house a home — and they couldn’t be more grateful. “We've already created so many great memories in it,” Bushnell Lane tells PEOPLE.

The room where they spend the most time is their master bedroom, they admit, which they worked on with designer Brooke Garden. Garden, who is also the co-founder of the online interior design platform RoomSecret, gained insight into the couple’s personal styles through Pinterest boards and pictures. 

The couple wanted to start from scratch when it came to the bedroom (“all of our stuff was just my stuff that I had collected over the years,” Bushnell Lane says), so Garden had free reign and a fresh slate when she started designing. The result is a bright and warm retreat with neutral colors and light wood — old mixes with new, bringing the couple’s vision to life. 

“I love antiques, so I'm into that rustic feel, but then I also like modern pieces,” Bushnell Lane says of her aesthetic. “I didn't really know how to fully describe my style, so we just resorted to photos.”

Because Lane is so often on the road, his wife says she asked Garden for a master retreat that was cozy and relaxing — “where we could just go and feel so much at home” — and she delivered.  

While Lane admits he’s not much of an interior design aficionado, he did have one request when it came to the master bedroom: “Just don't make it super girly.”

“I trust Lauren wholeheartedly to do a great job on everything because she does have such great style — I think we are very similar in the things that we do like,” the singer says. “And they did an incredible job on our room, keeping it to where a man walks in there and loves it as well.”

Their “super cozy” bed anchors the room, with a gorgeous, custom art piece hanging above the headboard. The painting — an abstract rendering of the newlyweds cuddled up together — was commissioned from artist Elissa Barber. “It really does make the entire room, in my opinion,” Bushnell Lane says.  

While the couple says their bed is their favorite place to be in the entire home (“Chris and I both love to sleep,” Bushnell Lane admits), it’s also where their two dogs, Cooper and Chloe, love to hang out and catch their Z’s.

The Lanes adopted Cooper at the end of last year and welcomed Chloe into the family a couple of weeks ago. They fostered both pups before falling in love and making it official. 

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Lane jokes that while both dogs sleep in bed with them, Cooper heads to “his oasis” at the same old-man time every night: 8 p.m. “We're working on leading them into their own room,” Bushnell Lane adds with a laugh. 

And while the dogs are their only charges at the moment, the Lanes plan on starting a family together soon. While househunting, they picked a home with plenty of room to grow and lots of outdoor space for little ones to play — and they’ve even already designated a “future nursery.” 

Although there are no little ones on the way yet, Lane likes to joke, to his wife’s chagrin, that they’re getting plenty of practice in: “That's my immaturity coming out,” he jokes. “Sorry!”

For now, the couple is just enjoying their new space and taking every day as it comes, especially amid the pandemic. Since the spring, Lane has had to postpone most tour dates, and the pair had to reschedule their honeymoon.

“We’re very thankful that we were here in Nashville because not only has it given us all the time in the world to now finish our house, but, also, with now two dogs, it's been so nice to have a little bit of extra room,” Bushnell Lane says. 

And despite the circumstances, the couple knows they are beyond lucky: “We feel very, very, very blessed that we have a roof over our heads.”

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