Monochrome makeover

Tufted armchairs to decorative marble plates, five pieces to update your home with

We have a better appreciation of our homes now, considering how long we’ve been indoors. But for some of us, it has also come with a side of boredom (looking at the same pieces of furniture can get to you). So if you are in the mood for a change, here are a few options.

1. Woman in Paris Giusto

Scarlet Splendour

Teakwood, metal and resin inlay go into this stunning dressing table by Matteo Cibic. From the Italian designer’s Vanilla Noir collection for the Kolkata-based luxury furnishings brand, the table comes in a combination of beige and grey, with two drawers and three mirrors. Added advantage: two of the mirrors can be moved to give you the best angles.

6,50,000. Made to order, on

2. Alejandro Collection

Rooshad Shroff

These are squiggly drawings you’ll want on your walls. Mumbai-based architect-designer’s new Kids Collection of decorative marble inlay plates feature his nephew’s art. “Alejandro enjoys sketching and often jokes about framing his drawings. So on his seventh birthday recently, I took one of his drawings and translated it on to a marble inlay plate. He absolutely loved it and now wants to draw more to do a series,” says Shroff. The current collection comprises six white makrana marble plates with black stone inlay. Up next will be a series of black pieces with white stone that looks like sketches on a black board.

The 6” diameter plates are priced at ₹8,000 + GST. Details:

3. Mayfair Tufted Chair

Ralph Lauren Home

As the rainy days continue, we all need a quiet corner to curl up in (with or without a book). And this tufted chair, in the style of Charles X, from Ralph Lauren Home’s newest line of armchairs is ideal. With a canted back and gently curved seat, the ebonised mahogany legs and polished-nickel casters give it an air of glamour. Much needed when we seem to be living in our PJs nowadays!


4. Calo Table


Lockdown has meant a lot of time spent on our posteriors. It is not good news when sitting down for too long increases the risk of chronic health issues, including heart problems and diabetes. As work from home continues to be the way forward, it is time to re-look at our workstations. We suggest standing desks, like this sturdy, collapsible, wooden one from furnishing brand, Mohh. Available in blue and oak finishes.

2,099, on

5. Nera Stool

Monica Förster

The Swedish designer’s timeless series of sculptural stools is a balance of functionality and clean lines. Cut from walnut and maple wood, these are great as either seating or a side table. The pieces have three distinct hand-carved patterns across its base. So choose from an interlocking weave, straight lines or a smooth finish with white inlay.

Approximately 56,900, on

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