Monty Don: Gardening expert shares how to weed your garden ‘properly’ by hand

Monty Don explains benefits of hand weeding

Gardening expert Monty Don is known for his role on BBC Gardeners’ World. The gardener and writer on horticulture is known for dolling out gardening tips to viewers on everything from indoor plants to borders. In a video for Gardeners’ in 2019, Monty explained the benefits of weeding by hand.

Monty showed viewers how to keep unwanted weeds at bay in a short video.

Hand-weeding means “getting down on your knees” and getting “up close and personal” with plants and weeds in your garden.

Monty said: “The important thing to realise is a weed is simply a plant in the wrong place.

“So things you might be quite happy with elsewhere, are no good if they’re not working.”

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The gardening expert showed viewers a bed of peonies which have some weeds growing amongst them.

Some of the weed variations included nettles, chickweeds and dandelions.

Monty continued: “You need an implement of some sort.

“I use a sickle but quite honestly anything will do.

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“What matters is getting in there. Also, it’s a very good way of getting to know your soil, getting to know your plants, it’s a very intimate process.”

Monty then showed viewers how he used his tool to get the weeds out of the flower bed.

Firstly, puts the end of the sickle into the ground and digs under the weed.

Once the plant loosens in the soil he then manoeuvres the tool upwards so that the root loosens.

He then carefully pulls the weed out, making sure the roots are completely removed.

If you feel the root snap when you’re pulling it out, it’s likely there’s more root that needs to come out.

Monty added: “It’s very important to do it now so they don’t seed and they don’t take over.

“The other thing about weeding is to do it a little bit at a time.

“Do one metre properly, and that’s far better than doing ten metres half-heartedly.”

Gardeners can weed their gardens all year round.

Other tools gardeners can use to remove weeds are a trowel or a hand fork.

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