Monty Don shares amazing natural pest remover to kill slugs and snails

Gardening expert details natural ways to deal with slugs

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Monty Don posted a video of a toad crawling across his patio. The Gardeners’ World presenter wrote: “One of the many toads in the garden – all of whom eat lots of slugs.”

The tip had many fans reeling at the revelation toads might help with their slug problem.

Slugs can be pesky, eating plants and flowers gardeners toil to grow.

One woman posted a video of a trowel from her garden covered in huge snails.

“Maybe we need to get some toads @TheMontyDon as on a daily basis I am having to dispose of 20+ slugs every day!! They’re munching through so many plants!!” she wrote.

Another despairing gardener wrote: “I collect mine from around our garden every evening. Tonight I counted 79. In fifteen minutes! Despairing.”

One gardener wrote: “The frogs in my pond on the allotment are obviously doing a good job for me too – cabbages and lettuces are looking a treat.”

“Glad for nature’s help with the slugs and snails,” another said.

One said: “We have a resident one in the greenhouse acting as security for the tomatoes.”

But, there was a word of warning to those thinking of attracting toads who have a cat or a feline neighbour.

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One said: “Only trouble is if you have cats. My cat would carry toads home from a pond up the road and mess with them, then be sick on the carpet from their skin secretions.”

Another said: “I wouldn’t mind a toad in my garden but I think my cats might want to play with it…”

“I was thinking that we could do with a toad but hadn’t thought through the cat thing!” one gardener wrote.

However, others had fascinating ideas as to what other wildlife might help with toads.

One said: “Yes build a pond or befriend some local blackbirds!

“Rather funny (and a bit stomach-turning) to see the blackbirds here wipe the slime off the slugs on the lawn for ages before eating them!”

Another said: “Get you some chickens – they love a slug!”

Another stress for gardeners is weeds.

These unwanted plants ruin patios, lawns and flower beds.

However, Alan Titchmarsh’s weed removal tips may well help. 

In a video made for Gardeners’ World, Alan explained the difference between annual and perennial weeds and how to treat both.

He said: “There are two main different kinds of weeds in your garden.”

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