Monty Don shares ‘best way’ to maintain weeds but warns it’s ‘pointless’ in wet weather

Monty Don offers advice on how to hoe effectively

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Gardening expert Monty Don has shared the “secret” to keeping on top of weeds. Every gardener will run into weeds at some point in the garden, and most people have their own go-to methods. Hand weeding is a popular method among gardeners but it can be time-consuming and hard work.

If you’re looking for a new method, Monty recommends using a hoe.

In a video for Gardeners’ World, Monty explained how to use a garden hoe effectively.

He shared tips on sharpening the hoe and how often to use it as well as the best weather to hoe your garden.

Monty explained: “When the weather is nice and dry like this, it’s the perfect time to hoe.

“I think hoeing in the vegetable garden is the best way to keep on top of the weeds.

“A little tip is to sharpen your hoe.

“This is a sharpener I use to keep the secateurs in shape.

“If you think of a hoe as a blade.

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“What you’re doing is cutting the plants.

“Just keep that [the hoe] good and sharp.

“You’ll make your work much easier and also be much more effective.”

Monty said the “secret” of hoeing is to work “lightly” just beneath the surface of the soil.

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He added: “Cutting off the plants, leaving them on the surface so they dry in the sun.

“Which is why it’s pointless hoeing in wet weather because the plants won’t die off and there’s a real chance they will re-root.

“Hoe little and often – you’ll keep on top of the weeds.”

Hoes allow you to keep on top of unwanted weeds without disturbing underlying roots.

You can also use a hoe to clear away any leaves that get stuck in neat borders.

Garden hoes can vary in price, materials, length and blade shape.

If you find your weeds are persistent then you can use a Dutch hoe with teeth.

This will allow you to hook weeds out of tougher patches.

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