Monty Don’s ‘most expensive purchase’ laid bare after garden overhaul

Gardeners’ World presenting legend Monty Don has spoken out about the perils of living in an old, timber-framed home via social media. The broadcasting star revealed the extent to which his Herefordshire home and garden had succumbed to the elements following a vicious storm. Much of the UK has experienced an intense heatwave in recent weeks.

A build up of hot, dry and humid weather, combined with a low-pressure front made for epic storms across the country yesterday and today.

Earlier today, Monty told his near-cult following on Twitter that his garden had been “battered and bashed” by the wet weather.

Although a welcome relief, heavy rainfall flattened Monty’s plants as well as flooding his picturesque home.

The 63-year-old television star had to make “frantic repairs” to his garden to fix the damage, as he had a photographer visiting this afternoon.

It is unclear what items of Monty’s were damaged in the downpour.

One piece of equipment damaged in the storm was perhaps his “most expensive purchase” that he revealed in a 2018 Guardian interview.

The piece of pricey property, was, he admitted: “A tractor, 12 years ago. Bright yellow and still brilliant.”

It’s no surprise that Monty should own a tractor given his hectic horticultural lifestyle.

JUST INMonty Don forced to make ‘frantic repairs’ to home and garden

On the damage, he wrote on Twitter: “Huge rainstorm last night – battered and bashed everything but that is a fair price for the watering and relief from the heat.”

A photoshoot with Gardeners’ World magazine was planned to take place later in the day.

“Only trouble is we have a GW magazine photoshoot this afternoon – so frantic repair work going on first,” he told his followers.

On Instagram, the gardening expert filmed the rain water gushing through the windows of his very old property.


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“The joys of living in a timber-framed 500-year-old house in a storm!” he pointed out to his 579,000 followers as the fierce weather battered the glass.

He had previously revealed in a 2016 Radio Times interview how his life was one “big operation” that required constant maintenance.

The need to keep his work going like clockwork came after he and his wife, Sarah, nearly went bankrupt in the Nineties.

He explained: “Once you’ve had that experience (nearly going bankrupt), you know that what seems like an impregnable position can disappear overnight.

“Mine is a big operation to keep running, and it’s fuelled by me.

“That said, my mental health has been great the last few years.

“I am very well and happy.

“I have an incredibly good marriage and lovely children.

“I do a job that is jolly tiring and I work very hard, but I really enjoy it and I think I’m quite good at it.”

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