Move to the dark side

Teja Lele Desai on why rich, moody hues are ruling home décor this festive season

It’s a myth that dark and moody colours are dreary and sombre. These shades are rich, cosy, and inviting. Navy, dark chocolate, charcoal, grey, purple… they might be unconventional hues for décor, but are quite the rage right now.

If you’re iffy about going bold and out of your comfort zone with them, here’s why and how you should be incorporating these tones.

1. They make a room feel more intimate

Dark colours are called moody for a reason. They’re ambient and make a room feel more intimate. They’re best used in bedrooms, entertaining rooms, and large living spaces. An evening of deep conversations is best enjoyed surrounded by these colours.

2. The shades add drama

Dark is always more dramatic. Add drama to your living space by going for deep colours. It will be a lot more appealing to your guests.

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3. They make for great contrast options

While adding drama, go a step ahead and work an interesting contrast; contrasting wall colours, walls and furniture or textiles. Deep reddish brown and white and bridal or petal pink set off by deep brown, for instance.

4. They highlight other design elements

Even if you have plain-looking furniture or other décor elements, rich colours will highlight them and make furniture and other accessories seem luxurious by themselves. Architectural features such as crown mouldings and window trims also enjoy attention thanks to dark walls.

5. They make for a striking backdrop

A charcoal or eggplant-coloured wall as the backdrop for your eclectic collection of artwork will make it look artistic. Photo frames or paintings, anything goes against deep colours.

6. Just one dark wall is enough

Such is the power of a deep tone! Even if you have just one wall that has a dark colour, it will add the needed luxurious look. This is especially great if you are wary of going all out and painting all the walls dark.

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7. Choose colours that will reflect light

Dark should mean intimate, cosy, cocooning, but not cheerless. For that, go for colours that will reflect natural light and not absorb it. Mint green, bright green or lacquered blue are great options.

8. Try a tone-on-tone scheme

A tone-on-tone colour scheme feels snug, especially if you choose the colour well. Try plum or eggplant colours that look sophisticated. Furniture, walls, rugs, and upholstery can be in the same scheme to enhance the effect. Shades of purple are anyway a symbol of royalty.

9. For a comfortable feel

Whether the blue of the sea or the lakeside, combine dark shades of blue with grey to get a laidback and easy vibe thanks to its aqua feel. You can go for camel, neutral colours, and green with this combination for your linens.

10. Try green for energy

Hunter green, emerald green, or fern green… pick your choice and you will have an energetic look in your room. Fern green, especially, will lend a vibrant vibe to your space.

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