Natalie Portman Shares Her Top Gift Picks For Everyone On Your List, From Pets to Fashionistas

Case for a Cause

“This Time’s Up phone case is colorful – and a good reminder, every time we take out our phones, to use them for good and to make the world more equitable for all of us.”

Buy It! Time’s Up by Amber Vittoria iPhone case, $36;

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Animal Prints

“If a painting of a pup sitting on a stack of, say, pancakes, is missing from a pet lover’s life, artist Meryl Rowin of YayPaperCo has you covered. Her custom portraits of pets on food are hilarious, memorable, and very unique. I got one for my mom a few years ago of our dog Whiz on bagels.”

Buy It! Custom pet portrait, $150 and up;

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Pretty Planter

“This full-service pottery studio is one of my favorite places in L.A. I love their handmade wares.”

Buy It! Wavy planter, $42 and up;

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Lifesaving Bracelet

“Flare’s bracelets and cuffs are both stylish and safe thanks to a program that allows you to call your friends or police straight from the accessory if you’re feeling unsafe.”

Buy It! Nova cuff, $129;

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Modern Stories

“I cannot wait for you to read my kids’ book— it’s new fables for woke kids!”

Buy It! Natalie Portman’s Fables, $20; for booksellers

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Adopt an Elephant

“One of my favorite gifts to give is also enormous: You can adopt an elephant. The recipient will receive a beautiful painting of the elephant and adoption papers, and videos of their elephant regularly.”

Buy It! Elephant adoption, $50/year;

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Garden Starter

“DJ Cavem has a deep connection to environmental activism and food justice. His organic seeds are perfect for a foodie or nature lover.”

Buy It! Sprout That Life seeds, $19 for 3 packs;

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Virtual Dance Class

Portman’s husband Benjamin Millepied’s studio, LA Dance Project, offers courses online. “I love this for the dance or fitness lover in your life!” she says of their digital membership, which allows you to stream performances, films and more. 

Buy It! Digital subscription, $10/month;

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Designer Sweats

“Kate and Laura Mulleavy send spellbinding Rodarte designs down the high fashion runways, and I love the playful energy of these ‘Radarte’ hoodies, made in the USA. Since all I wear is sweats now, I figure why not the most beautiful ones possible?”

Buy It! Radarte Logo Tie Dye hoodie, $322;

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Classic Red Lip

“This red lipstick is always chic, luxurious and a pick me up when you need some color in your day.” 

Buy It! Rouge Dior lipstick 999, $38;

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Pet Accessories

“Support National Public Radio while getting your favorite cats and dogs into cool new bowties or collars!”

Buy It! NPR cat collar bowtie and dog collar, $15 each;

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Meal Prep

“Jenné Claiborne’s new vegan cookbook is as delicious as the title sounds. Perfect for all home chefs.”

Buy It! Sweet Potato Soul by Jenne Claiborne, $20; for booksellers

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Rockstar Merch

“I love Jess Rotter’s musician t-shirts, like this Stevie Nicks one.”

Buy It! Dossier + Stevie Nicks Tee, $35;

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Adopt, Don’t Shop

“So many animals are being displaced by fires and other natural disasters. Providing them a new home is a great way to both help an animal in need and also have a new companion through this crazy time. Petfinder is a way to find a rescue near you, but make sure you are getting from shelters and rescues not from breeders or puppy farms.”

Adopt a pet,

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