Never Have I Ever's Maitreyi Ramakrishnan Shares Her Favorite Holiday Gifts for Teens

Wholesome Fun

“This is a solid card game you can play with anyone. If you don’t know them well at the beginning, you will by the end!”

Buy It! We’re Not Really Strangers, $30;

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Throwback Snaps

“This is a gift that will be super fun if you’re trying to capture your life like the main character in an indie film. I mean, let’s be real, you are.”

Buy It! Fujifilm disposable 35mm camera, $25 for 2;

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Pocket Ring Light

“If you want the best lighting for pictures everywhere you go, then this is the perfect gift. You can carry it around all day. It’s like a fake pocket full of sunshine for Instagram!”

Buy It! Heyday selfie light, $10;

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Sugar Fix

“For the chocolate lover we all have in our lives. Or a gift for yourself, no one’s judging.”

Buy It! Hershey’s giant bar, $3.40;

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Room Accent

“This gift is great for any teen trying to change up their room. The lights make your room feel slightly more put together than it actually is.”

Buy It! Lepro LED strip lights, $26;

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Bluetooth Tunes

“For my socially distanced outings with friends or soul-searching solo adventures, I set the soundtrack with this speaker.”

Buy It! JBL Clip 3, $30;

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A Book of Wisdom

“RBG is a big role model for me. She had such an influential voice and brilliant mind that I think we all can learn from.”

Buy It! My Own Words by Ruth Bader Ginsburg, $17;

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A Present with Purpose

“For the activist ready to make real change: This organization supplies gifts that can make a difference in a girl’s life, like training a female health worker.”

Buy It! Plan International Gifts of Hope, $47;

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Gaming on the Go

“If you know anything about me, it’s that I am addicted to my Switch. This isn’t just for teens, this is for everyone! It’s the splurge you want to make!”

Buy It! Nintendo Switch, $300;

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Put Your Records On

“A timeless gift for any music lover. Bonus if you get their favorite album on vinyl with it!”

Buy It! Crosley Bluetooth Record Player, $70;

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